Underwater Tandem Scooter Ride


Do not miss this opportunity to ride a tandem scooter underwater. Grandparents, children, and those who never tried scuba diving are able to enjoy this truly unique experience. On a comfortable and easy-to-use scooter, see the wonderful world below the ocean's surface through a viewing window.

Explore the ocean at up to 4.3 miles per hour (7 km/h) and reach a depth of 6.5–13 feet (2–4 m). After a short briefing from your experienced instructor and a 15-minute boat ride, you are ready to take a dip. Oxygen flows into the helmet, allowing you to breathe just like on the surface, and you can keep your glasses and makeup on because the water level doesn't go above your shoulders.

With no experience required, this activity offers a unique view of the ocean without snorkeling or scuba diving. Enter the water via a ladder at the back of the boat and once you take a seat on the scooter, your instructor lets the air out from the ballast chamber. After your signal, your instructor slowly lowers you into the water to a depth of 6.5–13 feet (2–4 m).

Then your adventure really begins as you descend near a coral reef where you can see many fish and rare marine life through the viewing window. Navigate with the scooter's 2 engines—one to go forward and the other for upward movement. After your ride, your instructor helps lift the scooter to the surface to complete a memorable vacation experience for you and your family.

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