Sanghyang Dance, Kecak & Fire Dance

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Discover Indonesia's cultural heritage with a breathtaking mix of traditional music, dazzling dances, and enchanting tales. Visit the artisan village of Batubulan and be mesmerized by three unforgettable dance performances.

Be picked up up from your hotel, sit back, and relax as you journey through the countryside. Stop at historical Batubulan village and watch mesmerizing native Balinese dance performances.

The show begins with the Sanghyang (Trance) dance, which is meant to exorcise evil spirits. Smell the incense drifting through the air, listen as the performers begin chanting, and witness the dancers entering a state of trance and dancing in perfect unison.

Next, watch the Kecak (Monkey) dance and marvel at the mythological tale of the Hindu epic "Ramayana." See a group of more than 50 men provide chorus-like rhythms and sounds as musical accompaniment. Be captivated by the mystifying dancing and unique performance.

For the finale, be transfixed by the fire dance as dancers enter a trance-like state and are surrounded by fire on the stage. Witness them trampling and scattering burning-hot coals as they walk through the embers without feeling any pain.

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