Full-Day Private Trunyan Expedition

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Embark on a tour that immerses you in an ancient civilization and reveals secrets of their unique rituals and customs. Along the way, catch glimpses of the imposing Mount Batur, visit a sanctuary, and take a ride in a wooden canoe. Speak with locals and get a real feel for their day-to-day lives.

Leave early in the morning for your expedition to explore the ancient areas of Bali. This tiny village is located between the lake and the outer crater rim of Mount Batur. It is usually called “Desa Bali Aga” as this village is inhabited by descendants of the original Balinese, the people who pre-date the Hindu Majapahit Kingdom in the 16th century.

Afterward, cross to Trunyan Village and travel on foot, visiting the temple and ancient trees of myth. Then journey in a traditional wooden canoe paddled by locals to Trunyan's final sanctuary. Listen to stories of the village's rites of passage as you go, learning that when a villager passes away, the people simply leave the body of the deceased on the ground to decompose naturally. It is said that there is no odor from the dead bodies. The villagers attribute this to the scent of the fragrant menyan tree from which Trunyan takes its name—Taru Menyan.

Next, drive back around the lake to the top of the caldera. Enjoy your lunch with the magnificent view of Mount and Lake Batur. After lunch, you are conveniently returned to your hotel.

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