Bungee Trampoline Experience


Experience the excitement of jumping on a trampoline while connected to a bungee cord. Without the fear of falling, you're free to leap and lunge in any direction, testing out the limits of physics with a bouncy rebound to send you back into the air for another go.

Arrive at the bungee trampoline, and get acquainted with a friendly instructor who briefs you on the safety instructions. With the basic techniques covered, you get fitted into your harness and prepare to get bouncing.

Jump with all your might as momentum propels you higher and higher. Practice front flips and back flips, soaring to over 16 feet (5 m) in the air, with the help of the sturdy yet flexible material of the trampoline. If you're feeling especially brave, try a variety of daring aerial maneuvers that are impossible to pull off without a bungee cord.

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