10 Best Tours and Activities in East Bali

Most Popular Daytrips in East Bali

The best tours in East Bali are designed to take you into the great outdoors to enjoy your next adventure in one of Bali’s most secluded and exotic areas. This island’s east has history, culture, nature and adventure. These tours have been selected to provide you an eclectic range, from visiting ancient temples and ‘floating’ royal courts and water palaces of the Klungkung and Karangasem kingdoms, to white water rafting action, rural mountain village cycling tours, and discovering the region’s exotic hidden beaches.

These most popular daytrips in East Bali show you the ‘real Bali’. Be it through beautiful mountain panoramas should you opt for a climb up Bali’s highest peak, Mount Agung, or through region’s rugged nature less-travelled with a bike trip down to ‘virgin’ Pasir Putih Beach. If you’ve tried rafting down the popular Ayung River in Ubud, then the rapids of East Bali’s Telaga Waja River in Karangasem offer you a challenge as the more serious counterpart of Ayung, complete with natural dams, obstacles and glimpses of exotic wildlife along the way.

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    Karangasem & Besakih Temple Full-Day Excursion

    Duration: 9 hours

    This is one of our most popular East Bali tours, taking you to Bali's east coast, traversing green hills and mountains before reaching the Karangasem regency, the stronghold of the late kingdom of the same name, home to some of the island’s important historical sites. Among them is the Kertagosa complex, with the so-called ‘Hall of Justice’ that features colourful ceilings covered in Kamasan style paintings that depict ancient laws. Also included is a stop to the island’s largest temple complex, Besakih, a visit to the indigenous Bali Aga village of Tenganan, and a stop at the Goa Lawah ‘bat cave’ temple. Price starts from USD 60 per person.


    Private East of Bali Secret Beaches Tour

    Duration: 8 hours

    Discover some of East Bali’s most remote coastal villages on this half-day tour, which happen to be home to some of the most tranquil stretches of sand, which vary from dark volcanic black to pebbly or glistening white. You can also enjoy sunbathing, snorkelling, swimming, and even gain cultural insights at these great beaches. Kusamba for instance, shows you how salt is traditionally harvested. Further east to the coasts of Padangbai, you’ll be treated to wonderfully secluded bays, such as Bias Tugel beach with its white sand and crystal clear waters. Another exotic beach included on this trip is Pasir Putih, also known as the ‘Virgin Beach’. Price starts from USD 74 per person.


    Telaga Waja Rafting

    Duration: 8 hours

    Telaga Waja is a popular river in the Karangasem regency, which offers a ‘more serious’ white water challenge than Ayung River. Plus, it’s perfect for those looking for an adventurous time out in the Bali outback, featuring various natural and cultural highlights along its 14km course. At the rafting base, you’ll team up with a knowledgeable local guide who’ll show you how to ‘tame’ these wild waters, and throughout the course you’ll pass bamboo bridges, shoot over waterfalls, and spin through lazy sections of calmer water. At the end of your adventure, you’ll cap off your adventure with a delicious Indonesian buffet-style lunch, overlooking the vista with the river you’ve just conquered. Price starts from USD 38 per person.


    Private East Bali Sightseeing & Culture Tour

    Duration: 8 hours

    Among the main attractions of East Bali are the ancient water palaces. This tour takes you to see not only these, but also some of the strikingly black sand beaches where salt is traditionally harvested, as well as providing you a step back in time at one of the traditional villages where culture and old ways live on. Historical sites include the Kerta Gosa complex, aka the ‘hall of justice’ which features pavilions surrounded by moats with ceilings heavily adorned in ancient wayang shadow puppet-like paintings in the style of Kamasan, the name of a village in East Bali where it originates.

    You’ll also spend some time in Tenganan Pegringsingan, one of Bali’s well-known old villages that’s home of the heritage ‘geringsing’ double-ikat weave cloth. Price starts from USD 80 per person.


    Royal Karangasem Heritage Full-Day Tour

    Duration: 9 hours

    On this tour, you’ll get to visit the home of the Karangasem royal family and witness the wonderful traditional architectural features which are considered among the best examples on the island. Grand palaces and expansive water gardens combine Balinese, Chinese, and European designs, such as that of Taman Sukasada Ujung, where a large water palace complex is set at the foot of Mount Agung looming in the distance. Tirta Gangga, another palatial complex, is included on this full-day tour. Price starts from USD 59 per person.


    Sunrise Mount Agung Hiking Tour

    Duration: 8 hours

    If you have keen sense of adventure and willing to embark on a magical journey with a memorable sight, then this is the option for you – it takes you to conquer Bali’s tallest peak! Following a guide, you’ll trek through densely forested paths, scramble over fields of volcanic rock, and claim vantage points around the top of Mount Agung. The climb starts early, to ensure you have enough time to witness the first sun rays at the break of dawn once you reach the summit. With your camera in hand, capture the panoramic beauty from your outlook as the sunlight creeps over the horizon and onto the forests below. Also, check out the views of distant Mount Rinjani on the horizon as you enjoy tasty breakfast served in picnic style. Price starts from USD 65 per person.


    Private East Coast Tour

    Duration: 9 hours

    This private tour lets you discover thriving traditional villages and stunning natural landscapes in Bali’s east coast. It includes a stopover to the Besakih Temple, aka Bali’s ‘mother temple’, as well as a visit to a local plantation where you can learn about exotic tropical fruits and produce such as ‘salak’ aka snakeskin fruit, coffee and lemongrass. Some of these pleasantly fill the surrounding air with their distinctive fragrances. After lunch, you’ll head to the old Balinese village of Tenganan Pegringsingan, where you can observe traditional basket weaving and other handicrafts. Price starts from USD 142 per person.


    Private Captivating Culture of the East Full-Day Tour

    Duration: 8 hours

    On this tour, you’ll get to venture to Bali's eastern region to uncover culturally rich villages sprinkled throughout vast, lush landscapes, as well as visit artisan hamlets and see elaborate traditional architecture from up close. Your cultural journey starts with a scenic drive past rolling emerald rice terraces and lush plantations, before arriving at Kamasan, which is renowned for its unique painting style. Next stop is the town of Klungkung, home to Kerta Gosa, also known as the ancient royal courts of justice. After marvelling at the intricate ceiling paintings at Kerta Gosa, meet the residents of Tihingan village, who are masters of making traditional gamelan instruments. Price starts from USD 137 per person.


    Putung to Virigin Beach Bike Tour

    Duration: 9 hours

    Why not spend a day out exploring East Bali in a fun and active way? This tour takes you through quaint farm-flecked landscapes by bike. You’ll get to see how local farmers tend to and irrigate their fields, as well as capture stunning views of the vistas around the traditional farming village of Putung. Your cycling route also includes a stopover at a local farmers’ market where you can learn about the local trade. Wind your day to a close as you point your handlebars toward Pasir Putih Beach, aka Virgin Beach, where you can soak your legs in the waves and take a refreshing dip, or simply relax on the exotic coast while enjoying a tasty barbecue lunch. Price starts from USD 46 per person.


    Private Besakih Temple & Sidemen Village Cycling Full-Day Tour

    Duration: 9 hours

    For a private cycling tour that offers a delightful blend of adventure, cultural highlights and stunning scenery, then this might be a better bike adventure for you. You’ll get to visit the island's ‘mother temple’ of Besakih, and then pedal down through plantations and rural Balinese villages while taking in the immersive landscapes. Before heading to Besakih, your tour starts off with a visit to the Kerta Gosa ‘hall of justice’ in the centre of Klungkung town. Then, after your lunch break, you’ll be guided on a cruise through the beautiful rice paddy-growing village of Sidemen. Feel free to stop at a vantage point for a memorable shot over the lush greenery. You’ll also bike through fragrant plantations growing coffee, cocoa, cloves, and various exotic tropical fruits. Price starts from USD 274 per person.

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