Top 10 Activities for Groups in Bali

Best Group Activities in Bali

Visiting Bali as a group can be a fun, exciting, and memorable experience. Of all group travel destinations, Bali has the most dramatic landscape. From its stunning waterfalls, beaches and jungles, to its active volcanoes, it is also home to a multitude of activities for all types of groups. While some of the 4 and 5-star hotels provide group-friendly services and facilities with free WiFi, shuttle services, and crystal clear beach views, there is still so much to see and do for groups beyond the hotel grounds.

The best things to do with groups in Bali range from fun outdoor adventures, thrilling animal parks and safaris, fascinating art exhibits, and iconic landmarks. There are plenty of group activities that fit any travel style, size, and budget. Here's the roundup of the top 10 activities for groups in Bali.

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Ubud Monkey Forest

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary or Ubud Monkey Forest is a hidden gem for groups traveling to Bali looking for a fun, unique experience. It is both a nature reserve and Hindu temple complex located within the village of Padangtegal. The local residents view the Monkey Forest as an important spiritual and economic center for the area and also an important place for research and conservation programs. The park is a popular tourist attraction for groups and is visited by more than 10,000 people per month.

The types of monkeys that live in the area are the Balinese long-tailed monkey. For groups planning a visit, there are over 600 of these monkeys roaming all over the park that will keep you and your group occupied all day long with the opportunity to take lots of monkey photos. Bananas are for sale in the park if you’d like to feed the monkeys and you can watch park staff feed the monkeys papaya leaf, corn, cucumber, coconut, and other local fruit. For health concerns, feeding the monkeys any other types of snacks like peanuts, cookies, biscuits, and bread is prohibited.

During the day, the monkeys are most active which brings them in constant contact with visitors. You can observe their daily activities within close range. The best part of the park is that you can also watch them play freely on or around you and even sit next to monkeys along the park's paths. It’s all sorts of monkey business. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary also has over 115 different species of trees and is heavily forested and hilly. There are many trails with great access to many parts of the park, including the ravine and stream running throughout. Groups planning a visit should expect a tropical, warm climate year round with a rainy season (September to February) and a dry season (March to August). Read More...

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Seminyak is a beach resort located on the southern end of Bali, Indonesia, and a great destination for groups looking for some fun in the sun. Known for its luxury hotels and high-end shopping and restaurants, there is so much to see and do with a sophisticated flair. You can take a walk along the waterfront, watch the most beautiful sunsets, purchase beautiful, handmade items, or enjoy the lively bars and nightclub scene. The beach is much quieter during the day which is ideal for groups looking for some relaxation and unwinding.

The island is also home to some great surfing, especially for beginners. Surf season runs from April to November and groups can take advantage of courses offered for all levels of learning. Surfing conditions in Seminyak are best in the morning time before the winds pick up.

Navigating through the streets of Seminyak can get quite busy and parking is limited. For groups planning a visit, either walking together to the beach or renting a large vehicle is advised to save time and money. The best time to visit is in the beginning of September right before the rainy season begins and it is also cheaper to purchase flight tickets to the area. Read More...

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If your group is looking to enjoy the safari adventure of a lifetime, look no further than Bali Safari and Marine Park, one of Indonesia’s most fascinating, world class attractions. Opened in 2007, the park provides bus tours showcasing more than 60 species of animals from Indonesia, India, and Africa. Over 400 of these animals call the park home. It is a great outing for groups of all sizes offering everything their famous Safari rides to animal shows, photo opportunities, and more.

Best of all, there are 4 great packaged deals for groups and visitors alike to choose from. The Jungle Hopper is the general package which includes the safari journey, freshwater aquarium, animal shows, the Bali Agung Show, and access to the Waterpark and Fun zone. In addition to the general package, the Dragon package includes lunch, the Leopard Package includes a welcome drink, souvenir, express line privileges, photoshoots with animals, and the Rhino package which includes unlimited safari and fun zone, photos, rides, lunch or dinner, and private transportation from your hotel.

If you need transportation to the park, Bali Safari and Marine Park offers a complimentary shuttle with a reservation required 24 hours in advance. Groups visiting the park should bring comfortable shoes, a camera, swimwear, and sunscreen. Read More...

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The beauty of Balinese art and culture is best represented with a visit to the the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), a permanent exhibition with a wide selection of paintings by Balinese, Indonesian and foreign artists. Groups can enjoy more than just a museum. It is a centre for visual and performing arts, allowing you to enjoy special temporary exhibitions, theatre performances, and dance, music and painting classes including cultural workshops. There is also a bookshop, library and reading room, seminars and even training programs available.

With a collection ranging from traditional to contemporary, the museum is housed in several traditional buildings surrounded by lush, botanical gardens. For groups, there are a lot of great photo opportunities in and around the museum or sit in the cafe on the lake side and enjoy a nice meal. The best time to visit Is on a weekday afternoon or Sunday morning when the museum hosts traditional Balinese dancing performances not to be missed. Read More...

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Groups traveling to the country are encouraged to explore Tirtagangga, a former royal fortress and beautiful water palace perfect for a day trip with elaborate stone carvings, lush gardens, and tranquil fountains. Located in the middle of rice fields near Amlapura, the main town of east Bali, Indonesia, the Tirtagangga Water Palace is the perfect sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. The gardens in the water palace were designed and built in 1948 by the last Raja or King of Karangasem, a regency of Bali. The water itself is regarded as holy and used regularly for religious temple ceremonies.

Tirtagangga is an ideal spot for groups to visit not just because of its rich history, but also for its accessibility. It is open every day, 365 days a year, including public holidays. There are group discounts available and swimming opportunities in the garden for an additional cost. There is no dress code to visit the water palace except when entering the Balinese temple within the garden. Groups and visitors alike are advised to dress appropriately with a shawl or scarf. You can enjoy all that Tirtagangga has to offer in half a day or less. Walk around, enjoy the garden, take pictures, or swim, it all depends on you. Read More...

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Explore all the nature has to offer with a group trip to Tanah Lot, a rock formation located off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is specifically home to the temple Pura Tanah Lot, a popular tourist destination with scenic, photographic views of the ocean. It is also one of seven holy temples on the Balinese coast dating back to the 16th century as a place of worship to the Balinese sea gods.

Going to Tanah Lot has become a busy tourist destination, highly commercialized, and visitors must pay a parking and entrance fee. To reach the temple, you must walk through a number of Balinese souvenir shops on a path leading down to the sea. The Tanah Lot temple itself is only accessible during low tide and although non-Hindu visitirs aren’t allowed inside the temple, there are great photo opportunities on the outside. Aside from the temple located on the mainland cliff tops, there are now restaurants and café shops available. The best time to visit would be during sunset. Groups can enjoy picturesque views of the temple and sea rock formation. Read More...

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For another peaceful, but more adventurous attraction, the Sekumpul Waterfalls is the best in Bali, hidden from plain sight. A 3 to 4 hour hike alongside lush greenery to the waterfall provides groups with breathtaking views worth traveling for. A combination of 7 waterfalls, it is one of Bali’s best kept secrets. Spend a whole day exploring the area with the Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking Tour package perfect for groups. The tour passes native villages, beautiful rice fields, and fruit trees along the way leading up to the Sekumpul Waterfall.

Groups of 3 or more people can take advantage of a 15% discount on the package which includes a return transfer with a private air conditioned car, a private Local Trekking Guide, refreshments and local fruit, entrance fee, and lunch at a local and delicious seafood restaurant. Although the drive and hike takes up most of the day, once you arrive to the Sekumpul Waterfall, it is an unforgettable, once in a lifetime, group experience. You can swim and play around at the base of the twin waterfalls and overall, enjoy the true magic that Bali has to offer. Read More...

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Bali Adventure Rafting

Make a splash with white water rafting on the Ayung River, the longest river with the most exciting rapids on the Indonesian island of Bali. Groups can take advantage of state of the art equipment and 5 star services from Bali Adventure Rafting. A family operated business since 1989; Bali Adventure Tours offers groups of all ages and expertise a safe and fun experience.

Professionally trained and experienced guides go through a safety briefing session before you go on a 2-hour rafting adventure alongside a backdrop of wild untouched rainforest with amazing photo opportunities. The tour also includes air conditioned return transfers, hot showers, changing rooms and towels, and a buffet lunch with restaurant and bar service. For groups planning a trip, be sure to bring light clothes, strapped sandals or water shoes, a change of clothes, and plenty of sunscreen. The best time to go white water rafting on the Ayung River is during the dry season between March and August. If you’d like more bang for your buck, there are also rafting packages with a night safari, show and dinner, or an elephant safari ride included.

Mountain and Village Cycling

Experience Bali like never before with a Mountain and Village Cycling tour also provided by Bali Adventure Tours. Spend a full day cycling and exploring traditional Balinese villages in a small group setting. Expert travel guides will explain along the way the history, culture and people of Bali, taking you on a memorable journey through the villages of Bayung Gede Kintamani, Taro and Keliki. Groups will have a two hour downhill cycling adventure through the countryside all while viewing scenic landscapes, local temples, rice fields, and coffee and cocoa plantations.

What makes this cycling package ideal is that the tour stays away from Bali’s main busy roads and so you can discover and explore Bali in its natural environment as a local. While on this cycling adventure, you also have the opportunity to sample local exotic fruits and spices, pass the towering bamboo forest of Taro, and then end the day complete with buffet lunch at the Elephant Safari Park with free admission. The Mountain and Village Cycling is a great group activity offering the best in value and adventure.

When it comes to unforgettable experiences, there is nothing quite like the Bali Zoo. As the first and only zoological park in Bali with over 500 rare and exotic animals, it is considered one of the best zoos in the Asia Pacific. It is also the ideal spot for groups to visit because there is plenty to see and do. You can enjoy a number of animal adventure activities, feeding encounters, a petting zoo, waterpark, animal rides and shows, and unique dining experiences. There is never a dull moment at Bali Zoo.

The park has a wide variety of wildlife from the African lion to the Bengal tiger, Sumatran elephants, Orangutans, Sun bear, various species of birds and many other interesting animals. Tickets and packages are available with a general full day entry to the zoo, Miniapolis Jungle waterpark, animal encounters & show. Daily program includes feeding of the lions, crocodiles and tigers, and petting baby monkeys. Bali Zoo also offers unique outdoor spaces ideal for small to medium groups to host their own special events (i.e. dinner parties, weddings, etc.). An on-site catering team delivers local, delicious food all while surrounded by wildlife. Read More...

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