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Things to Do in Sanur Beach

Sanur is a great place to enjoy a walk. Its small yet neat area makes the meandering tireless and exciting. Several museums and galleries such as the Le Mayeur Museum, Seiki Torige’s Open Space Gallery, Griya Santrian Gallery and Darga Gallery, not to mention the ancient Blanjong Temple, and other historical sites line its streets.

Sanur was the first developed tourism destination in Bali, but ever since the discovery of Kuta and the elevation of Nusa Dua to first place in the tourist areas of the island, Sanur has been dawdling behind the latest trends. However, Sanur's allure is the barely spoiled greenery and the culture visible in daily life.

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Le Mayeur Museum

Le Mayeur Museum

Le Mayeur Museum is a memorial museum mainly housing the artworks and personal history of painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur Read More...

Bali Seawalker

Bali Seawalker offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy an underwater experience with minimum equipment. The ‘walks’ Read More...

Shark Island

Shark Island

Enjoyed your snorkelling around Bali’s great beaches and crystal clear waters? How about swimming with sharks? Head down Read More...

All Attractions in Sanur

Bali Beach Golf Course 18-Hole

Bali Beach Golf Course in Sanur is one of Bali’s smallest golf courses, with 18 holes and a course length of 3,560 yards. It's where you can experience a more private country club atmosphere and with onsite facilities that include the Sector Bar & Club, you can enjoy a convenient break for a light meal and Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 07:00-18:00 (Driving range open until 23:00)
  • Location: Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Jalan Hangtuah No. 58, Sanur
  • Tel: +62 361 287733
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Bali Seawalker

A great activity for anyone who wishes to enjoy Bali’s depths teeming with tropical marine life, the Bali Seawalker provides a safe and fun time out for families. Their pontoon is anchored five minutes offshore, from where you go under the waves from a ladder with a specially designed helmet, and then freely walk on the Read More...

  • Location: Sekar Menuh Building, Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai No.5, Padanggalak, Sanur
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 281 408
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Bali Sharks

Bali Sharks, also known as the Serangan Shark Island Project, is a private nature conservation initiative that has embarked on a mission to save black tip and white tip reef sharks, while providing visitors to Bali with the first environmentally-friendly tour of its kind in Indonesia. In close collaboration with the local Kelompok Nelayan Serangan fishermen’s Read More...

  • Location: Agus Bar & Restaurant, Jalan Tukad Punggawa, Serangan Island
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 996 510 1
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Gallery Santrian

Located in Griya Santrian compound, Gallery Santrian is the most reputable gallery in Sanur and is definitely worth a visit. This open-air gallery showcases painting and sculpture artworks from famous Indonesian and foreign artists who focus on classic style including Syahrizal Koto, Ni Nyoman Sani, I Ketut Muja, Le Mayeur de Mempres, Auw Kok Heng and Sujana. Today, the gallery has become the main venue for art exhibition during the Sanur Village Festival, held every August since 2005.

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Karting Star Bali Go-Kart

Karting Star Bali is an indoor go-kart circuit in the Batubulan area of Gianyar, where you can get a taste of speed and feed your adrenaline rush with fast laps around a 350-meter track. The course has around 12 thrilling turns where you can test your driving skills in 270cc Honda-powered mini racers to either overtake Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00–20:00
  • Location: Jalan Batuyang No.10A, Batubulan, Sukawati, Gianyar
  • Tel: +62 (0)821 4657 6086
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Le Mayeur Museum

Le Mayeur Museum is a memorial museum mainly housing the artworks and personal history of painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres (February 9, 1880 – May 31, 1958) – a Brussels-born artist who was impressed by the shores of Sanur and dedicated his entire life there to the two things he loved the most: the arts Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 08:00-14:00
  • Location: Sanur Beachfront
  • Address: Jalan Hang Tuah, Sanur
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 286 201
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Padanggalak Beach

Before becoming the host venue for the International Annual Kite Festival every July, the beach was barely touched. A 10 – 20 knot onshore wind from June to August makes it the ideal place for kite flying hobbyists. Most of the locals in the area are farmers; even the potential fisheries remain untouched. Today tourist industries have become the backbone of Bali’s economics yet Padang Galak remains Sanur’s equilibrate. An ashram, Sri Krishna Blaram, was founded in this area as its pristine milieu makes an idyllic setting for meditation.

  • Location: Jalan Padang Galak
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Pura Blanjong

Pura Blanjong was built as a cenotaph of Sri Kesari Warmadewa and commemorates his journey to the east. Sri Kesari himself was a Syailendra descendant (a Buddhist-ruled dynasty which ruled Java) and the founder of an architectural wonder, Borobudur Temple. According to the Blanjong inscription dated 914 A.D. Sri Kesari was a Buddhist apostle who soon established a Mahayana convent at Blanjong village. Along with the inscription, 15 metres northwest, is a Ganesha statue (the elephant-headed son of Shiva). Pura Blanjong is characterised by its coral instead of brick wall and twin sitting calf statues inside, sadly from which both heads have been removed. Apart from being one of the most sacred temples, Pura Blanjong shows you things of architectural and archeological interest.

  • Location: Blanjong area, Sanur Beach
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Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is like a giant saltwater pool, only with a reef bed instead of a tiled bottom. Its warm 25° - 32° C temperature and calmer water makes the beach suitable for children and families. Adjacent to the beach, stands the Inna Beach Hotel – a war-compensation hotel built by the Government of Japan in 1963, next to the sacred Ratu Ayu Singgi temple where an eerie spirit is believed to reside. The hotel itself has experienced several accidental fires – some say caused by the fact that its 11 levels exceed the height of coconut trees, which according to Balinese Hinduism is the maximum permissible height. 

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Serangan Island

Years after the scandalous revelation that thousands of turtles were captured and sold to high demand for their meat and shell in the 1980s, Serangan ‘Turtle’ Island is now trying to regain its reputation as a haven for these endangered creatures. The Balinese use turtle meat for ceremonial occasions, but ever since the excessive capturing of the 1980s, trading and consuming turtle meat have been prohibited.

The Turtle Conservation and Education Centre was built to help protect remaining animals from harm. Another interesting fact about this island is that the original dwellers came from the Bugis tribe of Sulawesi, and came here in 1700 as a result of the Dutch occupation of Gowa Kingdom, Celebes. Amazingly the religious and cultural difference between native inhabitants and foreigners never resulted in any friction, rather it has produced a unique acculturation. 

  • Location: Southern Sanur
  • How to get there: taxi, takes 15 minutes from Sanur main road
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Sindhu Beach

Sindhu beach may lose out in popularity contests to Kuta or Sanur beach, but the hibiscus-fringed sands still have a lot to offer visitors. Its wider sand bed and moderate winds makes it a perfect site to be sluggish or get sporty. Snorkelling, canoeing, and kite surfing are very popular among first timers, although loafing on an armchair is a far easier way to enjoy the surroundings.

Sunrise from this east-facing beach obviously can’t get much better but every full moon the beach becomes a popular spot for night gazers to witness a painting-like panorama of moonlight reflected on the translucent water surface, with Serangan Island silhouetted in the background. Simply magical!

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Taman Festival Bali ‘ghost town’

The quirkiest place on this list is an abandoned theme park, the Taman Festival Bali, which saw only a slight of its heyday in 1997, but ultimately closed down three years later due to marketing and financial problems. Now considered a ghost town, literally by some of the locals who believe that long abandoned places are eventually inhabited by spirits of the ‘unseen world’, it is a favourite photo location for photographers looking for a desolate, post apocalyptic-like setting. This is due to the still erect but deteriorated structures of its main buildings with partly collapsed roofs, and ticket booths, a theatre and dining outlets covered in dust, moss and creeper vines. Large statues and ornamental figures around the courtyards and throughout its open spaces, which now stand under dense foliage, create an eerie sight even in broad daylight. Extra caution must be taken around the crumbling buildings.

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