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Bali Nusa Dua Theater


Formerly the Candraloka Amphitheater, The Bali Nusa Dua Theater is Nusa Dua’s famous theater that annually hosts the Nusa Dua Fiesta, and many other events focused in the tourism complex. 

The theater now hosts the Devdan Show, which features gigantic traditional puppets with magnificent hi-tech special effects, superb illusions and aerial acrobatics, telling a tale of Indonesia's heritage and beauty with contemporary songs, dances and drama.

  • Location: Next to the Bali Collection’s Gate C, in the middle of BTDC complex
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Devdan Show is a 90-minute theatrical show that is great for the whole family, which you can enjoy four times a week at Bali’s Nusa Dua Theatre near the bay of Nusa Dua and the Bali Collection.

The premise of the story is a boy and girl who decide to break away from their mundane tour group, only to stumble upon an enchanted treasure chest filled with various cultural objects from the different islands in the Indonesian archipelago, hence the shows subtitle, ‘Treasure of the Archipelago’. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 19:00 – 20:30
  • Location: Nusa Dua Theatre (beside Bali Collection), Jalan Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 770 197
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Geger Beach


With calm turquoise-blue water and white-golden sand, Geger Beach has become one of Bali’s top beach destinations in recent years. It’s peaceful with a few seaweed farmers and no noisy vendors. One or two kiosks rent surfboards and swimming and sunbathing are the main activities plus there are a few small eateries that also rent sun loungers. Geger Beach ends at the cliff where Pura Geger is nestled at the top, but you can get to a solitary beach behind the cliff during low ebbs. You can also get there via the tiny dirt footpath somewhat hidden by tall plants, near Pura Geger; but still, it’s not possible to stay on that beach at high tide.

  • Location: Follow the small road opposite The Bale
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Geger Temple


Geger Temple is a historical and cultural bastion amidst the modern five-star luxury resorts that dominate the Nusa Dua beach resort area. Namesake of the stretch of white sand that it looms over from above a limestone cliff, the temple offers a great setting for those who love landscape photography, and on clear mornings you can enjoy panoramas north over the bay with Mount Agung on the horizon. Once a quiet and barren coastline with local seaweed farmers tending to their crops, the bay now adjoins the beachfront of the five-star Mulia Resort.

  • Location: Geger Beach, Peminge Village, Nusa Dua
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Museum Pasifika presents an Asia-Pacific melting pot of culture with works from more than 200 artists from 25 countries, 350 paintings, and 250 historical objects. Since its establishment in 2006, Museum Pasifika, centrally located in Nusa Dua’s Bali Tourism Development Corporation’s (BTDC) area, has attracted visitors and enthusiasts of Asia-Pacific antique and art items throughout the years. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Location: a few minutes’ walk from the Bali Collection in Nusa Dua
  • Address: Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) Area, Block P, Nusa Dua
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 774 935

Nusa Dua Beaches


When entering the Bali Tourism Development Centre Complex, you’ll find three pathways to the beach. The two entrances within easy reach of the Bali Collection’s Gate C are the most popular and lead to the public beach between the Grand Hyatt Bali and Melia Bali Villas and Spa Resort. The shore is mostly crowded with locals and you’ll see food vendors either walking around or stationed at their bamboo stalls. It is covered with white-golden sand and cleaner than the beaches at Kuta or Seminyak. There is also a jogging and bicycle path with an information map of the area. Tides and currents are not dangerous here but you’ll encounter stronger currents if you swim out between the two small islands, making it a great surfing spot.

There is also Mengiat Beach, to the south from the public beach, separated by the Grand Hyatt Bali. The resort’s beach area and facilities are not open to the public, but you are still allowed to walk there and will get to Mengiat in less than 10 minutes. Mengiat is more of the high-class tourists’ choice; it’s much quieter and cleaner than the public beach. The turquoise-blue water is not really for surfing and there are a couple of small eateries serving international food here and beach loungers’ rental. It is accessible from the road next to the Inna Putri Bali Hotel, near the gate from Jalan Pantai Mengiat. Lifeguards stand by on both beaches.

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Nusa Dua Fiesta 2015 brings back the fun and colourful week of arts exhibitions, cultural performances and sporting events to its namesake luxury beach resort area on Bali’s southeast coast. First held in 1996 as Nusa Dua Festival and becoming a fiesta in its ninth year, it welcomes the general public to this otherwise exclusive tourism enclave, with different shows and events held in various venues throughout Nusa Dua.

This year’s Nusa Dua Fiesta carries the theme of ‘Love, Peace and Harmony’, and kicks off on Friday, October 9 with an evening opening ceremony at Nusa Dua’s landmark peninsular area. Earlier in the morning you can admire various handicrafts on Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 06:00 – 22:00
  • Location: Various venues, Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) complex, Nusa Dua
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 771 010
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Nusa Dua Islands


Nusa Dua is named after the two tiny ‘islands’ that were once separated from the main Bali zone. The north island is smaller and there’s only one attraction there: the Nusa Dharma Temple. The south island is better-maintained and has a big entrance gate, two open recreational fields, a couple of pavilions, and two monuments. In 1993, the World Tourism Organisation sent delegates from 107 countries here to participate in the planting of six species of trees and this is commemorated by a memorial in the middle of the island. Pura Bias Tugel is located not far from the main attraction here – the water blow at the rocky periphery on the eastern side of the island. When the strong current pushes tides against the giant reefs, it creates a massive surge of water that shoots up to 30 metres high. Jogging and picnicking are two popular activities on these two islands.

  • Location: Nusa Dua Beach
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Pandawa Beach, locally referred to as ‘Pantai Pandawa’, is a great addition to Bali’s collection of gorgeous beaches, located on Bali’s southern Bukit Peninsula. The fine, one-kilometre coastal stretch is located in the village of Kutuh, only five kilometres west from the Samabe Bali Suites & Villas and eight kilometres south from the main hub of the BTDC complex in Nusa Dua. ‘Hidden’ behind large carved limestone cliffs that reveal wide views to the Indian Ocean, Pandawa Beach was once also dubbed as ‘Secret Beach’ and it was officially opened in 2012, fast-gaining popularity among local weekenders and international visitors. Read More...

  • Location: Kutuh Village, Jimbaran
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Puja Mandala


Puja Mandala is a perfect example of how five religions can live harmoniously side-by-side despite their differences. The complex consists of the Hindu Jagatnatha Temple, the Buddhist Budhina Guna Temple, the Catholic Bunda Maria Segala Bangsa church, the Protestant Jemaat Bukit Doa church, and the Ibnu Batutah Mosque. There have never been any conflicts here as the level of religious tolerance is high. It all started in the early 90s, when Islam devotees found it hard to build a mosque in the town and Joop Ave, the then Minister of Tourism, floated the idea of having five different places of worship put together in one area. With The Bali Tourism Development Corporation's funds, Puja Mandala was finally inaugurated in 1997 by the then Minister of Religion.

  • Location: Jalan Kuru Setra
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Temples in Nusa Dua


Nusa Dua, though more developed than other parts of the island, still houses many Hindu temples worth seeing. Before entering Jalan Pantai Mengiat from the Bualu village, you’ll come across Pura Desa, Pura Puseh, and Catus Pata. On the coastline of Nusa Dua and Bengiat beaches are the Pura Segara Nata and Pura Dalem Segara. If you wander around Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan, you will find a few hidden temples that may seem to be untouched and full of mystery as this is a very quiet area.

Before The St Regis Bali Resort, there is Pura Penataran by a bridge and in the shade of several large trees. Before the bridge to the Nikko Bali Resort & Spa, on the left is the small road to Pura Geger. If you choose to go straight north instead, there are yet other temples to see. Pura Geger is the only temple in Nusa Dua that is open to the public every day, but you can only go inside when there’s a devotee praying there. It was erected atop a cliff, majestically overlooking the ocean and Geger Beach.


Water Blow in Nusa Dua lets you witness the awesome power of nature as large waves from the Indian Ocean constantly crash against the jagged limestone edges on the peninsula’s south-eastern cliff. You can easily reach this purpose-built lookout along paved footpaths on the southern half of the ‘twin islands’. Here you’ll find 240 degrees of dramatic seascape, with the irregular splashes and sprays simply adding to the fun of it.

An arch reading ‘Water Blow’ overhead leads you to the site, and a stone slab cautions visitors with inscriptions that read, “Strong Currents”, “Sudden Drop Off”, “Dangerous Shorebreak”, “Slippery Rocks”, “High Surf” and “Sharp Coral” along the way. Indeed, Read More...

  • Location: Southern Peninsula, Nusa Dua
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