Tejakula in North Bali

Everything you Need to Know about Tejakula

Tejakula is a coastal village and favourite diving resort area in North Bali. The village is around an hour’s drive east from the popular resort area of Lovina Beach. Tejakula is also well-known for its community-driven marine protection initiatives. You'll find many ‘dive-voluntourism’ projects here, particularly in the village of Les. In Les, you can enjoy scuba diving right off the pebbly shore and help plant, rebuild or ‘adopt’ corals. It's a great spot to learn about sustainable ways of life of a local fishing community.

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What to Do in Tejakula

Tejakula comprises several coastal hamlets. Besides Les, there’s also Penuktukan with its dive site known as the Angel Canyon. The site offers thriving coral reefs and sponges teeming with colourful tropical marine life. Clown fish and various perciforms are visible through the clear waters from the surface, at a depth of around 3 meters. Divers often include a dive trip to Tejakula as part of their day adventures in Amed in East Bali. The two spots are around 51 km or 45 minutes’ drive apart.
Besides diving and ecotourism, Tejakula also offers attractions on dry land. Yeh Mampeh, or simply Les Waterfall, is one of Bali’s hidden yet scenic waterfalls. The falls are around 1 km from the coast, in the village’s hilly and forested area. In fact, Les Waterfall is known to be one of the island’s tallest cascade. It pours from a height of 30 metres. Getting down the falls is an adventurous trek through lush forest and trails. These lead you to the falls and a cool rock pool where you can take a refreshing dip and take in the scenery.

Tejakula is also home to some of Bali’s oldest communities, known collectively as the Bali Aga. Sembiran, for example, features farmlands, palm, coffee and cocoa plantations. You can admire sea views over its lava rock hills. Sembiran and nearby Julah villages are where old traditions live on. This is evident through the culture and and unique religious rites. Architectural features include housings built with round megalithic stones. The Pura Ponjok Batu sea temple offers a good example of the local architecture in Tejakula. It's built entirely out of dark lava stones.

Tejakula Restaurants & Dining

Most of the dining options in Tejakula are along the Jalan Tejakula-Tianyar main road. This runs parallel to the Bali coastline. Notable mentions include the Cili Emas Oceanside Resort and the Bondalem Beach Club. The Villas Tejakula is also a great choice. Look out for Warung Kelapa, with its garden overlooking the calm seascape of the Bali Sea. This restaurant offers all-day dining with Balinese and European selections. You can enjoy traditional Balinese and international offerings at the Bondalem Beach Club. It also offers a special menu just for the kids. These include Russian pancakes, banana fritters and spring rolls.

Tejakula Shopping

For local shopping in Tejakula, try the local Les Village Market or Pasar Penuktukan. They're where you can see the commercial trade of its farming and fishing communities from up close. A variety of modern shops line the the main road of Jalan Tejakula-Tianyar. These sell everything from music instruments, souvenirs, electronic appliances to smartphones and SIM cards. The village of Pacung is known for its traditional textile weavings, known as Bebali. The community of back strap loom weavers keep the ancient tradition alive. Their creations are all handmade using all-natural dyes. Surya Indigo, a weaver’s cooperative here, is worth a visit. Your purchase goes to the preservation of such ancient artforms.

Getting Around Tejakula

Many visitors reach Tejakula either east from Singaraja and Lovina Beach (40km), or northwest from Amed (51km). The main route is along the road that runs parallel the northern coastline. Most hotels in Lovina – and in Tejakula alone – provide motorcycle and car rentals. Most are navigable on your own. Local ‘bemos’ (minibus taxis) traverse most areas, but their times are usually inconsistent.

Tejakula Hotels - Where to Stay in Tejakula

You can find great beachfront hotels dotting the coast of Tejakula. For a fancy stay, check out the private villas. Great choices include The Villas Tejakula. Some beach resorts double as beach clubs, offering great dining with the beautiful North Bali seascapes. Others offer relaxation with onsite spas operated in cooperation with leading spa providers. Divers will find no shortage of dive resorts along the coast. They offer great rooms and facilities. These hotels can also arrange for diving or snorkelling trips into Tejakula’s calm waters.


  • Location: Jalan Tejakula, Tejakula, Buleleng, North Bali
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