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    Bali Maps

    While Bali's provincial capital city of Denpasar might not offer much of the beaches, valleys and paddy fields that are prevalent in Bali's other favourite areas, it does serve as a choice for some - especially those who enjoy sightseeing and city tours. Our Denpasar map will help you with the hotel locations in the capital, and you can make a booking right from here too.

Map of Denpasar

About Denpasar

  • Denpasar


    Denpasar is the capital city and the centre of Bali’s economy, and is actually the home of several historical, multi-cultural, traditional, and religious gems to discover. Read More...

  • Denpasar Hotels

    Denpasar Hotels

    Denpasar hotels and resorts from five-star resorts such as the Athena Garden & Spa Villa, to budget accommodation like Taman Suci Hotel, you are sure to find the one that suits you most. Read More...

Denpasar Highlights

  • Shark Island

    For fun and amusing activities, Denpasar doesn't offer many options apart from sightseeing, shopping, and dining. Still, the town offers some open public spaces such as town parks with wide grass fields and good jogging facilities. Read More...

  • Sakenan Temple

    Sakenan Temple or 'Pura Sakenan' is an important temple in the southern region of Bali, perched on the north-western shore of Serangan Island, a small island located 10km south of Denpasar. Read More...

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