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Bali Flyboarding and Water Jetpacks

Water jetpacks - which come in many different versions and are often referred to as ‘flyboards’ - is a new water sport craze that hit Bali following their creation by French waterman and inventor, Franky Zapata, in 2012. Much of the jet propulsion mechanism is akin to what you would find in a jet ski, but the jet nozzles are instead strapped to a pair of special boots, allowing riders to manoeuvre in an upright standing position, as if levitating.

You can ride or ‘fly’ 10 to 15m high above the water’s surface with the help of these jetpacks, and skilled riders can perform insane manoeuvres that include diving and breaching. Most operators of flyboards and water jetpacks in Bali are found along Bali’s so-called ‘water sports playground’ of Tanjung Benoa, and they are an additional feature to regular marine activities available there.

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Water Jetpack Types and How They Work

There are three types of craft currently on offer by operators in Tanjung Benoa. The common boots-type flyboard is tethered to an 1800cc Yamaha Jet Ski engine, which then pumps in propulsion to the pair of nozzles under the boots through a high-grade flexible tube. After putting on a helmet, life vest and strapping the boots on, the fun starts as you steadily levitate higher. First attempts can be challenging as good balance is key!

Other versions include the straddled ‘jet bike’, which adds controllability through a set of handlebars and a seat. The strap-on backpack type, also with handlebars, is the style most commonly known as a jetpack. Rides usually go on for a duration of 15 minutes around the coastline. You must be at least 120cm tall and have a maximum weight of 125kg. Adding a bit of a techy edge to it, some operators have waterproof radios inside your helmet that let you listen to tips and guidance from the instructor on shore.

Where to Ride Water Jetpacks in Bali

Benoa Flyboard

From its headquarters at the Whacko Beach Club in Tanjung Benoa, Benoa Flyboard offers a range of water sports activities, with emphasis on flyboarding. After a short brief on the safety and control aspects and donning the jet boots, you’re brought to the waves where you’ll steadily surf the sky or even dive when you’ve built confidence and got a good dose of the thrills. For safety reasons, you’ll need to check the weather conditions as they may need to reschedule your ride for a better time.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 - 16:00
  • Location: Whacko Beach Club, Jalan Pratama No. 99X, Tanjung Benoa
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 778 434
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Flyboard Bali

Flyboard Bali operates in two locations on the Tanjung Benoa coast. One is at SMS Marine Adventures and another at Pandawa Marine Adventures. Using the original Zapata boot-type flyboards, they claim most of their guests get the hang of riding within their first 10 minutes as it is natural and intuitive.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Jalan Pratama, Tanjung Benoa
  • Tel: +62 (0)823 4034 7068
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Bali Jetpacks and Water Sports

Owned by local Balinese Komang Gelgel, this long-established water sport operator in Tanjung Benoa offers a full range of water sports activities. You can fly for up to 20 minutes a go. The price includes pre-flight preparations and introductions by a professional instructor, all the safety gear that you need, as well as insurance coverage. Ask for available shuttle transfer services, depending on your hotel’s location.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Jalan Pratama, Tanjung Benoa
  • Tel: +62 (0)812 3708 2710
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Bali Apollo Dive and Water Sports

Bali Apollo Fly offers a full range of marine water sport activities, from diving tours to parasailing and glass-bottom boat rides. Flyboarding is their latest offering, and they claim that their guests are mostly amazed at how easy it is to fly with their water jetpacks. Their instructors provide guidance for the first five minutes in the water, and the following 15 minutes is mostly you doing your own tricks. Rides are for a total of 20 minutes.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Jalan Pratama No. 70, Tanjung Benoa
  • Tel: +62 (0)812 3800 147
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