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  • Tokyo Skipjack Seminyak

    Quality Steak and Grill House in Seminyak


    Tokyo Skipjack Seminyak is a hidden gem. It is one of the finest spots in Bali’s premier dining destination of Seminyak where you can enjoy top quality steaks at very affordable prices. This inconspicuous Japanese themed grill and steakhouse is tucked away on the second floor of a row of fashion boutiques on Jalan Kayu Cendana, right across the road from the Seminyak Square. Open for lunch and dinner, this loft restaurant features a menu that specialises in steaks and offers a concept of East meets West through its choice of unique sauces and sides that go with every order.

    As the second outlet to open after the first Tokyo Skipjack in Jakarta, which was established mid 2012, this branch continues the brand’s legacy and goes by its proud motto of making ‘good food accessible to all’. The group of friends behind the venture decided upon the quirky and catchy name at that time, reflecting the first restaurant’s location within a special court of a supermarket that specializes in Japanese food.

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  • As the menu mostly offers New Zealand and US sirloins, rib eyes and tenderloin steaks, the desserts and coffees are the result of close collaboration with renowned local establishments Warung Kawah and Kopi Kultur, which supply top quality cakes and coffees respectively. Kedai Kopi Kultur Seminyak is the coffee bar extension that serves all the great caffeine blends from espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, mochaccinos to hot chocolate and cold shakes such as affogato and lassi. There’s also a fine selection of beans from Indonesia’s famous coffee producing regions.

    New Zealand steaks are from the 'prime steer' grade, and although differ from the higher grade US steaks, offer good tenderness, juiciness and flavour. The sirloins and tenderloins are portioned at 200gr, while the rib eyes are at 300gr – a meat eater’s favourite with its great marbling and juiciness. Dubbed the ‘king of steaks’ is the US Porterhouse at 500gr. Jumbo sized and big in flavour, the porterhouse offers the best of two worlds, with the full-bodied taste of striploin and the tenderness of filet mignon on the other. Steaks at Tokyo Skipjack Seminyak range between IDR 95,000 to 305,000.

    Whatever steak you choose, you’ll get a choice of two sides, together with one choice of sauce from the four different types available. Delicious side dishes to choose include the Mitsuba mash: a potato mash combined with a type of Japanese parsley that provides a fresh and slightly peppery flavour, perfect for grilled meats. A green salad of Horenso Japanese spinach with dashes of homemade Japanese vinaigrette dressing goes well with this combination. And, of course, there are the other choices of French fries, thickly cut, and sweet grilled corn brushed with soy sauce and butter.

    The Tokyo Skipjack team have created seven different sauces to accompany the choice of steaks. In addition to the regular sauces like BBQ sauce, mushroom sauce, BBQ and honey mustard white, there are signature sauces that you won’t find elsewhere, such as the Japanese Chimicurri Skipjack, Wasabi Butter, and Coffee BBQ sauces. The sauces are carefully concocted from fresh produce and natural ingredients, to match each steak without compromising the flavour of the meat. The Japanese Chimichurri is a must-try, which is basically a Japanese rendition of the favourite Argentine steak sauce. The Coffee BBQ is totally innovative, a little tangy and sweet with just a subtle hint of Arabica.

    Tokyo Skipjack Seminyak

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