Shiro Sushi / Sake in Seminyak

Japanese Restaurant at One Eleven Resort

Shiro Sushi / Sake offers one of the most refined boutique Japanese dining experiences in Bali, and reflects much of the concept of its host resort, the One Eleven in Seminyak, through unique design and chic minimalism. With its name loosely translated as ‘white’, essentially meaning ‘purity’, Shiro presents a unique dining ambience with a clean layout and intricate woodwork designed by famous Japanese architect Shigemasa Noi. One of the island’s long-time residents, Chef Hiroki Mimaki, affectionately known as Chef Shiro-san, presents authentic Japanese cuisine using fresh local seasonal ingredients.

Right above the lobby of the One Eleven, Shiro Sushi / Sake welcomes you into its compact and intimate settings. Subtly-lit Jenga-like wooden panels serve as a backdrop to the long sushi bar, where you can witness the chef’s preparations from up close. Two booths are available for larger groups. This compact size makes it necessary to book in advance, but as One Eleven's guests, you may secure your seats with given priority.

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On arrival at Shiro, our eyes immediately ease upon the row of sake and shochu bottles in various shapes, colours and sizes against the wooden backdrop. For lovers of Sake, Shiro presents a large selection of premium sake, each with different characteristics that should be tasted to be really appreciated. Sake are available per glass and bottle.

Two glass-top cabinets at the bar showcases the chef's pick of fresh slices of ‘ika’ (squid), varieties of ‘maguro’ (tuna), salmon, ‘saba’ (mackerel), ‘unagi’ (eel), yellowtail amberjack, clams, and ‘ebi’ (prawns) used in his sushi and sashimi. Shiro Sushi / Sake presents a la carte and ‘omakase’ set options on its menu, and the latter is always a great experience if you’re in for pleasant surprises.

Our omakase – meaning ‘up to the chef’ – experience starts off with pretty platters comprising slices of fat-belly tuna, yellowtail amberjack, squid with ‘uni’ (sea urchin), and clam, with pickled ginger and a ball of wasabi. Another platter consists of tuna, flounder and salmon. These sashimi platters are colourful and well presented, and each dipped in ponzu explode with flavour with every mouthful. The textures vary from the soft tuna to the firm squid and the fatty tuna provides an unmistakably clean and meaty taste. Junmai Daiginjo poured overflowing into our sake glasses (the ‘real’ way to serve sake), accompany these pure flavours.

Omakase sets at Shiro Sushi / Sake come in three choices, each featuring six to seven courses. The ‘Shiro’, at IDR 1 million, comes with appetizer, an assortment of premium sashimi, cooked dishes, a platter of six premium nigiri sushi and sushi rolls, soup and dessert. The ‘Gin’, at IDR 1.2 million, includes grilled fish and ten nigiri sushi and rolls, while the ‘Zen’ at IDR 600,000 is a more affordable set with mixed tempura. Hailing from Osaka and with two decades of five-star culinary stints in Jakarta and Bali under his belt, here Chef Hiroki is referred to by his nickname ‘Shiro-san’. He thoughtfully portions, arranges and serves each platter as a work of art. The menu prices also reflect the refined quality of this restaurant.

Next, our assortment of sushi feature luscious ‘anago’ sea eel and ‘unagi’ freshwater eel, ‘mirugai’ geoduck clams, ‘otate’ scallops, and ‘negi-toro’ tuna tartar in a nori wrap. Desserts at Shiro Sushi / Sake are heavenly, rounding up our evening perfectly, with green tea mousse and crème brûlée, served with a slice of sweet mango and orange. If you’re lucky like us, you might witness a visit by fresh suppliers presenting their best premium cuts, and see how shrewd Japanese chefs select, sample and bargain for only the best for their sushi and sashimi – each block of tuna meat was unwrapped, presented and handled as though a prized gift!

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One Eleven

One Eleven is a five-star villa resort on Jalan Pangkung Sari, one of the quieter side streets of Seminyak.The resort is within a half-hour transfer from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban, several minutes to the famous Petitenget Beach and the namesake temple, and 10 minutes to the famous neighbouring beaches of Legian and Kuta to its south.The hip restaurants, nightlife venues and boutiques the likes of Huu, Ku De Ta, La Luciola and Potato Head Beach Club are all within walking distance from the resort on Jalan Petitenget.The provincial capital of Denpasar is a 30 minutes east, and the cultural centre of Ubud is a two-hour ride north. Read More...

Shiro Sushi / Sake at One Eleven Resort in Bali

  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 18:00-23:00 (Shiro is closed on Sundays).
  • Location: One Eleven, Jalan Pangkung Sari No.3, Seminyak
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 730 594
  • Website:
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