Merah Putih Restaurant in Bali

Chic Indonesian Dining in Seminyak

Named after the red-white colours of the Indonesian flag, Merah Putih breaks away from the usual Indonesian dining scene, presenting an eclectic menu of traditional dishes and modern fusion takes on Balinese and Indonesian classics. Moreover, the restaurant features impressive eco-sustainable design over two levels. Full floor-to-ceiling glass windows enclose its spacious atrium where tables are laid out among tall indoor palm trees. A mezzanine comprises a lounge and three private dining ‘pods’ made of teakwood. Luminous ornamental columns rise into high rib-vaulted ceilings, adding to its cathedral-like grandeur.

Merah Putih’s unique layout was designed to provide a special dining experience, come rain or shine. The main dining atrium that seats 140 is a mini-ecosystem with indoor plants photosynthesizing by day as solar films and special fabrics reflect heat while letting in ample daylight. The semi-transparent white columns capture rainwater that is filtered into indoor streams, and natural air circulation minimises the use of air conditioning. A fabulous wine room is snug in one corner, housing a great collection of labels, and below the mezzanine is an impressionistic stork fresco that adds an Asian touch. This combination of art, function and sustainability combine to showcase its second wow factor – the food.

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Chefs Ipik Saepuloh, Wayan Mustika and Kieran Morland have teamed up and shared their culinary insights to bring Bali and Indonesia’s rich flavours to a wider audience. Their repertoire of traditional regional recipes incorporates the freshest ingredients, with selected tender meats and home-grown vegetables. Divided into ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ sections, Merah Putih’s menu offers small and large plate selections. Tempting small plate items are ideal for sampling, and include the Balinese inspired ‘lawar bebek’ with slices of crispy fried duck, green beans and pumpkin salad; the sliced coral trout and the succulent char-grilled octopus and cuttlefish served with Padang-inspired spicy ‘balado’ sauce will get you and your company wanting to discover more.

Must-tries under the ‘large plates’ include Sulawesi spiced barramundi, char-grilled Angus beef short ribs and Merah Putih’s own take on Balinese favourite roast suckling pig, which comes served with long bean salad mix, crispy skin and Balinese hot sauce. Typically, you enjoy these Indonesian offerings with rice, which come in two varieties – steamed and fried – and an interesting version of rice cooked with in coconut, lemongrass and ginger infusion called ‘nasi uduk’. Other sides include ‘sayur hijau’ salad mix sautéed with garlic and chilli, fried potatoes, baked sweet potatoes and a mixed dish of glass noodles, cucumber, tofu and peanut sauce called ‘ketoprak’.

The corner bar makes for a great prelude to your dinner, from where you can enjoy a great selection of signature cocktails, such as their tropical inspired rambutan-and-grape martini, or mangosteen and kemangi breeze, a refreshing combination of Beluga vodka, mangosteen, ‘kemangi’ or lemon basil leaves, peach and cranberry. Also becoming a favourite is Merah Putih’s Kayu Rempah, a spicy blend of Bulldog gin, citrus fruits and the aromatic addition of cinnamon. Delightful morsels at the bar to accompany your drinks include steamed buns filled with Indonesia’s famous ‘rendang’ – the spicy caramelized beef curry that made way to CNN International’s number one dish on their 'World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods' list.

Merah Putih

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