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Fishing boat trips in Bali are an immersive way to experience the island’s beautiful coasts, as well as admire the views of the island from a different perspective. The tours and charters are provided by various marine adventure and water sport companies in Bali and are usually an available option complementing dive tours. The boat captain and crew takes you out on a half-day cruise to wonderful locations, with fishing rods at the stern and lures and lines in tow.

This is the most common method offered by fishing tours in Bali, specialising in deep sea fishing, and otherwise known as trolling. The method is used to catch deep-sea fish, and the waters around Bali’s southern coasts are teeming with big game. The boat ride to the exotic fishing sites is usually part of the thrill, and it’s all topped with your successful strike, as you reel in your prize mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna, trevally, barracuda, or even an Indo-Pacific blue marlin!

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A Typical Day Out on a Fishing Boat Trip in Bali

Most marine adventure tour operators take their fishing boats down to the deep south-eastern waters off Bali, where rich currents bring together most kinds of popular game fish. Trips start out mostly in the morning from your chosen operator’s base, Tanjung Benoa being the most common point of departure. Hotel pick-up transfers are usually included and, by the time you arrive at the dock, the crew will have already prepared your snacks and drinks, tackle and all the required fishing gear.

High hopes of catching a giant marlin might already be on your mind at this point. However, boat fishing is just like any other kind of fishing. There’s always a fifty-fifty chance of success. Some may spend a whole day without even a single tug on their line, while others may get a bountiful harvest in just an hour out at sea.

A few minutes out, the crew will cast out three or four lines at the stern, while the captain steadily lowers the speed to a steady pull - a common technique in troll fishing. You will then observe, while having a go at handling the rods in between. Specially designed ‘fly’ lures are used, sometimes in variations to attract different kinds of game. Barracuda, for example, like to snatch silvery objects they think are shiny mackerel.

You will reach the southernmost waters within half an hour. At times, the captain will opt for areas with many seagulls, which often hunt for small fish. Obviously, many small fish should also mean many big fish. This waiting time is usually filled with interesting stories from the crew, as well as chatting about all the technical sides of marine fishing, including all the special gear, lures, weights and hooks and their intended catches.

The sound of ‘whrrr!’ from any reel is when the real action starts. A firm grip of the rod, a steady hand reeling in the line, lowering and then reeling in more, as your catch puts up a fight. After a few rounds, your catch will gleam near the surface, revealing its true form. With a bit of help from the crew, you’re soon ready to strike a pose with your prize.

Check with your operator whether you intend your fishing trip to be a catch-and-release adventure, or one to catch your lunch. Many operators offer the latter, depending on the size of your prize. If you hook a desirable tuna, you can have your reward fixed up by their chef back at the base, fried or grilled, for all to share. Your lunch will also usually be accompanied by ketchup and Balinese ‘sambal’ chili dips, a standard accompaniment to seafood dishes.

Best Time to Go Boat Fishing in Bali

  • Mahi-mahi: April to November
  • Tuna: May to December
  • Wahoo: May to September
  • Trevally: all year round
  • Barracuda: all year round

What You Should Prepare

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera (preferably waterproof)
  • Hat with strap
  • Change of dry clothes
  • Determination to catch big fish!

Fishing Boat Trip Operators in Bali

Here are select fishing boat trip operators in Bali, each with a professional crew and an armada of high-powered boats that take you to the waters off Bali and even to the neighbouring islands of Nusa Penida and Lombok. Some also include diving and snorkelling tours as part of their offerings.

Ena Fishing Discovery

As one of Bali’s major dive shops, Ena in Sanur also provides fishing tours, particularly around the Nusa Penida Island and the southern waters of Bali. You can also take full day tours to the waters off the neighbouring island of Lombok. Being primarily a diving tour company, they know their waters and the best fishing spots pretty well. Besides troll fishing, they also offer jigging, live bait fishing, and even night fishing! Trolling trips for a maximum of four hours cost USD 171 and eight hours for USD 389.

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Yos Marine Adventures

Part of the Yos Dive enterprise, Yos Marine Adventures provide fishing trips using its 2x200 horsepower boat, the Mahi-Mahi. Yos Marine’s two other fishing powerboats are the Lumba-Lumba (Dolphin) and the Wahoo. Coral and troll fishing is for a maximum of four hours at USD 130. They also offer boat charter services, which can tailor trips to suit your preferences and requirements. Trips to the waters off Nusa Penida Islands lets you catch yellow fin tuna, rainbow runners, trevally, and dogtooth tuna. Half-day charters for a group of four start from USD 375.

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Bali Jet Set Dive and Marine Sports

Bali Jet Set’s two high-powered boats, the Srikandi and Krisna, take you trolling and reef fishing off the waters of Nusa Dua. Their expert captains have 30 years of experience under their belts, so getting to where the big game is found is no hassle. Boats feature ‘fighting chairs’ to reel in your strike easier and there are also on-board toilets and minibars. A four-hour trip with a minimum of two persons is IDR 2.4million (USD 180).

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Baliman Angler

If you’re looking for a dedicated fishing service in Bali, you can try Baliman Angler out. Their tours provides all the necessary requirements and operates two different types of boats, complete with fishing gear. You can opt for live bait fishing for those looking for some serious action, jigging, casting and popping, bottom fishing, trolling, as well as mangrove fishing. Eight-hour, full-day trips start from IDR 5.5 million or USD 413.

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Nusa Dua Fishing

Nusa Dua Fishing takes you on private charter boat trips to the south of Nusa Penida Island, as well as snorkelling tours to the island’s beautiful Crystal Bay, Manta Point, Gamat Bay and Mangrove Bay off the sister island of Nusa Lembongan. The troll fishing is the highlight of the trip, and tours include snorkelling gear, fishing gear, double outriggers with four rods and 50 pound reels.

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