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    Louisiana-Inspired Seafood Dining in Seminyak


    Update: Crab Bar closed down in March 2016. Crab Bar was a Louisiana-inspired seafood restaurant on Seminyak’s Batubelig, offering fun dining moments to share with friends and family. The restaurant opened in late 2014, adding a unique and new feature to the Batubelig dining scene. It retained much of the layout and interiors of the former Pavilion Grill Bar, but comes with a more casual and laidback atmosphere for hungry diners, particularly if you’re a crab aficionado.

    There’s a lot of comfy seating options in the two main dining areas. The cocktail bar and semi-alfresco frontage with tables and sofa chairs is sheltered under a giant white marquee, offering street views. Meanwhile, the inner section features long sofas and the main kitchen nearby where so-called ‘Yummy Bags’ are filled with crabby delights and spicy sauces. There’s even a fun table tennis corner where you can go for friendly bouts.

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  • The main items on the menu here are US Dungeness crab, mud crab, and king crab legs, while the specialty Hot Bags are filled with half a kilo of mud crab, 150g of prawns, 200g of yabbies or clams, slices of sausage and sweet corn. The latter is good to share for a party of up to three and is only IDR 495,000. Your table setting is very simple – just thin plastic film and a length of banana leaf, where your bag is emptied out in a delightful spread. No plates, no cutleries! Donning your bib, you need only your bare hands to share the feast with the occasional mallet and tongs passed around for some cracking fun.

    Crab Bar was dreamed up by Chef-owner Ragil Imam Wibowo, who managed to come up with six irresistible sauce options to accompany your goodie bag of deliciousness. These are the original Louisiana-style smoked Cajun butter sauce, garlic butter, a Bali sauce, a hot Bangka curry sauce, chili sauce, and teriyaki black pepper. The hotter choices (Bangka, Bali and chili) come in three different levels of spiciness: mild, medium and the aptly named ‘TNT’, for those who like theirs 'explosive'.

    Alternatively, if you wish to enjoy your seafood in all its original freshness, you can have your sauce of choice on the side. Optional selections of ‘mantau’ Chinese dumpling breads come steamed or fried, and work great for dabbing up the profuse and leftover sauce. Other sides include sweet corn slices, French fries, butter rice and chorizos. The menu also presents selections of salads and soups, including Caesar salad and a delightful seafood chowder that is filled with prawns, mussels and calamari.

    Non-seafood selections include a pulled beef sandwich featuring 180g of pulled beef ribs served with coleslaw and fries (IDR 65,000), a 500g rack of barbecue beef ribs (IDR120,000) and a breaded stuffed chicken breast with cheese and smoked beef (IDR 65,000). Hot crab and seafood goes well with cold beer, but you can go beyond that as the bar also serves up some great choices of homemade ginger ales, freshly-squeezed lemonade in four different flavours and fresh and soothing coconut water (IDR 30,000-35,000). All these bring a soothing balance to the spiciness of your crabby treat.

    Crab Bar Bali

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