Bumbu Bali Cooking School

Balinese Cooking Class in Tanjung Benoa

Bumbu Bali Cooking School is where you can learn about the rich spices, varied ingredients and traditional techniques that go into exotic Balinese dishes. Ever wondered how they finely mince tuna and twirl them over singular flat bamboo sticks to make Balinese-style sate lilit satays? Or, how the favourite ayam betutu slow-grilled chicken can get so super tender, with juicy strips that just fall off the bone? These cooking classes will teach you how it’s done.

Hosted by owner, chef and restaurateur Heinz von Holzen, who has many years of five-star resort experience as Executive Chef under his belt, Bumbu Bali Cooking School has enlightened travellers on Balinese cuisine since 1997. The cooking school is sister enterprise of Rumah Bali Bed and Breakfast, and the namesake restaurant where it is held. You enjoy an immersive Balinese kitchen experience, complete with traditional utensils for an authentic feel.

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Classes are held three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and start early mornings at 06:30 (after your hotel pick-ups), and well through early afternoon. First stop is the Jimbaran market, also known as ‘Pasar Desa Adat Jimbaran’, were you’ll be guided through the shopping for ingredients, to be used in your classes. Next stop is the island’s main seaside fish market in the neighbouring village of Kedonganan, where all the seafood items are bought.

By 08:30, it’s time to get back to basecamp with all your freshly bought items. But before classes begin, breakfast is served. And it’s no ordinary western breakfast, as you’ll get to sip freshly brewed Balinese coffee with a range of traditional Balinese cakes, such as black rice pudding and sweet rice flour dumplings in palm sugar and coconut sauce. Soon after, you don your chequered aprons and receive your recipes, which come with clear step-by-steps for reference.

Before the wide open Balinese kitchen, you are guided through the preparation of over a dozen choices of local favourites. These include fragrant traditional nasi kuning turmeric rice, ayam betutu; succulent pork in sweet soy sauce, sate lilit and the fun that goes into mincing, wrapping and grilling them, sayur pakis fern in chilli dressing, and a version of fried rice called nasi goreng mawut, which includes a mix of noodles, chicken and vegetables.

Lunchtime is both a feast and an assessment session of your day at Bumbu Bali Cooking School. Although Heinz and his team usually have a part in getting all the menu items up to flavour and standard, you do get to taste your own creations, which is part of the fun when you find out how you measure up against your comrades’ dishes. Sessions can hold up to 14 participants, and are at USD 95 per person.

Bumbu Bali Cooking School

  • Opening Hours: 05:00 – 12:00
  • Location: Jalan Pratama, Tanjung Benoa
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