10 Best Things to Do for Surfers in Bali

Great Surfing Tours in Bali

Here’s our narrowed-down selection of the best things to do for surfers in Bali, currently available from our wide-ranging assortment of Bali tours. Surfing partly got Bali’s tourism going way back in the 1930s, progressively introducing its series of world-class waves and exotic coconut palm-fringed beaches to the world. The popular wave riders' playgrounds we know today, particularly around the island’s south, continue to attract pros and beginners.

You can ride these exciting waves yourself, and these great surfing tours in Bali come in choices for various skill levels. Beginners can opt for a complete course that start from the basics up, usually carrying you to the point where you’ve mastered all it takes to paddle out and conquer some barrels on your own. Pros can go for Bali’s challenging reef breaks on an exciting reef surfing tour. Wave riding isn’t only limited to the surfboard, so why not try out windsurfing, wakeboarding or combing skimming the water and hitting some airtime with kitesurfing?

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Reef Surfing Trip

Canggu or Sanur (Duration: 2 hours)

Area: Canggu or Sanur (Duration: 2 hours) This surfing trip lets you challenge yourself to some exciting reef breaks at mid and high tides, right off the coast of Canggu or Sanur. After your hotel pick-up, you’re taken to the surf school in Legian, where you can glimpse some of the surfing action taking place. Then head towards Canggu or Sanur (depending on the day’s surf forecast) together with experienced guides. Canggu offers big, slow-rolling waves in front of Old Man's Beach Bar, and you can progressively head down to the reef breaks in front of Tugu Hotel. Sanur, on the other side of the island, offers a breezy and sheltered reef break. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 91

Complete Surfer Lesson

Legian (Duration: 5 days)

This complete beginner’s surfing package is meant as a one-stop option if you’re looking to master the skills of wave riding in a more private way, under the guidance of certified instructors. The week-long course takes place on the shores of Legian Beach, and hotel transfers are included. The course covers all the fundamentals, including basic techniques, surf etiquette and water safety. By the end of the course, you’ll find yourself duck diving your board and ultimately paddling and catching a wave, then gliding upon it gracefully towards the shore just like a pro. If you have the energy, you can also choose to do two lessons each day. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 822

Intermediate Reef Surfer Lesson

Legian (Duration: 6 hours)

On a gentle break off Legian Beach, this tour lets you practice your surf skills and improve your techniques under the guidance of qualified surf instructors. Usually held in a group, sessions start with a thorough briefing on surfing fundamentals and etiquette, then you’ll become reacquainted with a surfboard and techniques such as turning, speed generation, extensions and advanced paddling. After exploring and refining your new moves, reward yourself with a successful glide to the shore after catching a more challenging Legian wave at mid tide. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 58

Advanced Power Surfer Lesson

Legian (Duration: 6 hours)

Under the guidance of surf experts, this tour option lets you refine your intermediate surfing skills and advance even further as you ride more challenging waves and learn more serious skills like cutbacks and duck dives. Just like in introductory surf classes, you start out with group sessions that takes you through all the surfing basics and etiquette. Shortly after, hit the waves to improve your skills and learn how to duck dive properly, manoeuvre top and bottom turns, cutbacks, snaps and floaters. After your practice sessions, receive performance reviews and video coaching to help you advance and build confidence for catching bigger waves. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 66

Private Wakeboarding Lesson

Sanur (Duration: 1 hour)

Experience a different kind of wave-riding thrill through wakeboarding. This tour takes you out to some of Sanur’s best surf spots. The private lesson starts off with some introductory and safety briefings, together with how proper body and arm positioning is done, as well as how to start riding from deep water and all about jumping and landings. As excitement builds, enter the water and let your instructor help you ride your first waves. Through several sessions, you’ll try out your newly acquired skills for jumping over your first sets of wakes and perhaps launch some of your own tricks. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 181

Wake Kite Lesson

Sanur (Duration: 1 hour)

The Sanur lagoon is a favourite for wind-based wave riding. However, when the need for more speed arises, you can try out this option. Improve your wave riding techniques while being towed by a motorboat. This is a great choice if you’re looking to increase your confidence before trying out riding the waves with a kite surf. It’s a specially designed add-on course for beginners who wish to practice and improve their skills, and better familiarise themselves with the board and riding in a harness with a bar. When you’re confident enough with these basic controls, then you can grab yourself a kite. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 91

Private Kitesurfing Lesson

Sanur (Duration: 1.5 hours)

The breezy, east-facing Sanur coastline is a favourite playground among kite surfers, and you can try out this sport with this private package. The personalised kitesurfing lesson starts with the basics and gear orientation, together with a simple warmup session. The ensuing practice sessions then let you progressively familiarise yourself with different wind patterns and wave conditions. Over the course of the day, you’ll build excitement as you master body dragging, upwind movement, speed control and your personal best way of riding your own waves. When you’re ready, take to the skies and do some aerials. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 181

Private Windsurfing Lesson

Sanur (Duration: 1 hour)

Another great way to ride the waves off the breezy coast of Sanur is to channel the power of nature to fuel your adrenaline rush as you skim the waves. Your private windsurfing instructor will provide you with a guided class that’s based on your personal skill level, then briefs you with orientation and information on basic surf awareness before hitting the beach. Learn how to start out, recover your sail and control your direction before hitting the waves. After several actual practice rounds, you’ll be able to swiftly move your sail up and down, control your harness and balance your feet to maximise speed. You might even be able to pull off some tricks by the end of the day. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 91

The latest wave-riding trend is in! SUP (Stand-Up Paddle boarding) lets you feel the excitement of cruising over waves in a casual way. This type of surfing lets you stand upright on a specially shaped board and, with the help of a long-handled paddle, you’ll manoeuvre and glide your way over the waves. The surfing takes place over some of Sanur’s best waves. First, your personal coach leads you through a customised lesson, based on your experience and skill level, together with warmup sessions. Then you begin to try controlling your board with your paddle, with forehand and backhand turns. In the end, you can go out and conquer some bigger waves on your own. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 91

Did you know that you can combine fun wave riding and yoga to improve your balance, health and wellbeing at the same time? This private SUP yoga lesson takes place on the reef bordered Sanur coastline, where you can balance yourselves on your boards amid the rolling waves as a personal coach leads you through yoga postures designed to fit your experience and skills. The lessons normally start out with basic paddle boarding tips before heading out onto the water. Your workouts include breathing techniques and basic yoga awareness. After the class, paddle back to shore with the satisfying sensations of a uniquely challenging workout. Read More...

  • Price Range: USD 50
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