Benoa Fish Market in Bali

Seafood Shop and Restaurant in Benoa

Benoa Fish Market is the next spot to head to on your next craving for seafood, overlooking Bali’s only wakeboarding park and with a unique concept on offer. Its name is quite frank, as it first set out to sell and become a supplier of seafood items – from all kinds of cut and packaged fish to shellfish and clams that are mostly local catches as well as imports from the rich waters of Kalimantan. However, it also features a cosy dining space where you can bring friends or family for a sharing feast.

The seafood shop and restaurant is right on the southern rim of Bali Wake Park’s artificial lake, and even though the main dining room allows you to view the riders zipping and performing their tricks across the water, there’s seating and tables at an outside terrace where you can enjoy a more laidback setting with a cold Bintang, together with juicy chicken wings or a lip-smacking seafood platter, and see all the action from up close.

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Inside, the arrangement is minimalistic. Diners are greeted by a large sculpture of a blue marlin at the entrance, and walls are adorned with small photo frames depicting fishing and sailing ships and fishermen in action. And although Benoa Fish Market may be small for a restaurant with only a dozen tables and three lounging options on one side, its menu is quite complete and comes in generous portions.

Recommended starters include a seafood bucket, as well as barbecued chicken wings and a seafood quesadilla (IDR 40,000-50,000). Pastas come as selections with either king prawns, clams, tuna meatballs, or a mix of these. Try the fettucine pasta seafood vodka (IDR 70,000) for a twist with a ‘warming’ sensation. Pizzas come as classic thin crust versions. Also try the signature seafood pizza, which is richly topped with tuna, shrimp, calamari, mushrooms, mozzarella, tomatoes, black olives and paprika (IDR 72,000).

Onto the mains, you’ll get two side dishes with any order. There’s a swordfish provencal with tomato, black olives and paprika (IDR 75,000). You’ll enjoy this rich and flavourful treat, together with a distinctively sweet sauce. Those not into seafood can also opt for selections marked ‘from the land’, from chicken cordon bleu, parmigiana, Kung pow, or the sweet and succulent caramelized chicken otherwise known locally as ayam madu (IDR 60,000).

The seafood platter is best sharing option for two (IDR 150,000). This large hot plate comes filled with batter-fried sablefish, wonderfully crisp on the outside but juicy and tender inside, together with thickly cut calamari rings; grilled shrimps with garlic butter, scallops baked with a zesty sauce, and French fries and veggies in the middle. You can also ask for a selection of different dipping sauces, which includes the local favourite chilli and shallot sambal dips.

Elsewhere, browse the frozen seafood gallery next door and pick yourself up a packet of frozen sliced tuna steak, mahi-mahi, marlin, gindara, barracuda, or Asahi clams in a half shell (all at rock-bottom prices – after all, you’re buying direct from a seafood supplier!), and ask for their kitchen staff on standby to prepare it according to your preference. They only add a ‘cooking fee’ of IDR 50,000 to your bill to each of your ‘shop and cook’ orders.

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