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    Recreational Flying Activities in Bali


    Bali paragliding and paratriking activities have taken off, literally, over the past decade, making flying and enjoying the island by air more accessible to all. They offer a great way to experience Bali from a totally different perspective, soaring 50 to 150 metres high for around 15 to 20 minutes or more, with birds’ eye views over scenic coastlines of popular southern beaches, or blue ocean waves bordering green cliffs over Bali’s Bukit peninsula.

    There are several Bali paragliding and paratrike clubs in Bali that offer tandem flights for visitors. Among them is the Bali Paragliding Club, composed of professional hobbyists and licensed tandem master pilots who all have considerable flight hours under their belt, and who can easily and safely take you soaring up in the sky. The primary paragliding launch base in Bali is at the coastal clifftop of Timbis in southern Bali, with favourable flying months between April and October.

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  • Their latest addition of Italian-made Polini solo and tandem paratrike vehicles, which are considered far safer than paragliding, enable more versatile flight courses and make possible for taking off in virtually any season or wind condition due to their rear-mounted, high-powered motorized propeller engines. Even so, for obvious safety reasons, paratrikes fly depending on actual weather conditions and never when it rains.

    Both paragliding and paratriking each have advantages over one another. Soaring steadily, and even occasionally being able to stay in suspension over a brief amount of time to admire the view is what paragliding provides. However, you can only achieve so during favourable wind conditions and thermal wind factors largely play a part. Despite engine noise, paratrike rides let you fly almost anytime, and let you and your pilot take-off and land comfortably thanks to a firm seat in a sturdy steel cage and the aid of soft-tyre wheels.

    You can witness folks from The Bali Paragiding Club hang out and carry out regular practice flights from their coastal launch base at Mertasari Beach in Sanur from Monday to Friday. Such coastal sites feature laminar winds with not much mechanical turbulence as inland sites. Once up in the air, you’ll be able to circle around the coastline and view the traditional outrigger fishing boats, as well as peoples’ activities down on the sand. They also do amazing sunset flights.

    Tandem paragliding flights are offered at USD 110 and consists of a short instructional briefing followed by a 20-minute flight (weather permitting). You are then assigned a fully qualified pilot, who will explain all of his manoeuvres and even the technical stuff mid-air so you get the idea, and if conditions permit, they may allow you the one-off experience of hands-on control of the glider yourself! Paratrike rides are at USD 140, and range between 10 to 15 minutes.

    Note that upon the time of this writing, insurance for guest flyers is still being arranged so you will have to inquire should you make a booking. So far, they have zero incidents and guarantee that their activities are safe. In-flight photos and videos can be arranged upon request so you can keep some fun and rare selfies of yourself smiling in the air or against amazing aerial backdrops and share them with the world.

    Bali Paragliding Club

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