Anomali Coffee in Bali

Fine Specialty Indonesian Coffee in Seminyak

Anomali Coffee serves Arabica selections from all over Indonesia in an inviting street side spot along Jalan Kayu Aya, just off from Seminyak’s end of Jalan Sunset Road. The coffee shop offers fresh specialty roasts and it is also a great stopover for bites with its wholesome food selections.

Anomali Coffee ensures premium quality and the freshest tastes from plantation to cup. It also offers information about fine coffee from various Indonesian islands.

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The cafe is an eye catcher, with an outdoor setup between two large menu boards crafted out of recycled wooden door panels. Its subtly lit interiors are visible from outside, dominated by a woody and soft brown coffee tone. Anomali Coffee aims at freshness in each of its servings, all of its beans freshly roasted on site with production time set off two days prior to each delivery date.

Priced slightly on the higher side for Indonesian coffee beans found at other local coffee shops, coffee buffs will find it worth it for their good brews. In their line-up are all Indonesian beans, some so exotic you might have never heard of before. Ask the barista for a suggestion. Usually recommended are the Aceh and Toraja blends.

The Coffee

Coffee beans from the Sumatran region (Aceh and Mandailing) have earthen and smoky aromas, and have been favourites among Indonesian coffee lovers who like it thick and strong. Meanwhile, beans from the eastern region such as Papua and Flores, are medium-bodied with fruity aromas. If you’re in for something extra-special, try the Kopi Luwak (civet coffee) – the world’s most expensive beans.

A unique motif wall and blackboard behind big roasting machines lists the different single-origin Arabica in the collection. Take a seat at one of the rustic-styled wooden tables, some resembling barrel lids with stencilled coffee names on them, and Anomali Coffee’s master brewer will introduce you to the different beans arranged in small glass jars. Soon you’ll be putting your nose to work, checking out aromas and taking suggestions. Your selection is soon brewed and served with accompanying bites.

The Food

The nibbles are simple, considering the cafe’s focus is mostly on coffee. The breakfast and all-day menu gives you a selection of salads, gnocchi and soups to beef burgers and sandwiches. Try Anomali's club sandwich for a quick treat. This hearty serving comes with four slices; each filled with cheddar cheese, smoked beef, greens and sauce between two slices of whole wheat bread, and served with French fries in the middle.

Anomali Coffee's food selection spans European to Asian. Worth trying are its crab tempura, organic potato gnocchi and vegetarian warm sandwich, which go well with an iced-blended ‘Black Forest’ or ‘creme brulee’ latte. These creative ‘fusions’ are as tasty as the desserts that inspired them – the Black Forest is a mix of chocolate cherry trifles and a kick of espresso, while melted caramel and fresh espresso form the creme brulee. Fix those up with a good read or free Wi-Fi in one cosy corner, and you have yourself a good time away from Seminyak’s packed streets.

Good to Know about Anomali Coffee

Overall, Anomali Coffee is a great spot for coffee during your stay in Seminyak and a funky place to have a light bite before heading down the boutique-lined streets to shop. The service is great, and considering that it not only sells coffee but also conducts barista training as well, you’re assured to have the most knowledgeable guys in coffee preparing your cuppa.

Anomali Coffee

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