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  • 12 Adventurous Things to Do in Bali

    Most Popular Bali Nature and Adventure Tours

    These adventurous things to do in Bali can make up most of your holiday in Bali, particularly if you’re the type of traveller who prefers the great outdoors over the confines of your hotel. There's a great variety of landscapes just waiting to be discovered: lush mountain valleys and scenic lakes, challenging white water rapids, and remote villages where ancient cultures and traditions live on.

    We’ve handpicked those that show you the beauty of Bali’s areas less travelled, mostly off the beaten tracks and ‘in the middle of nowhere’. There are also longer excursions that allow you to enjoy the island’s immersive natural beauty, from open rice field treks that provide you a closer encounter of Bali’s ancient agricultural heritage, to hikes up any of the island’s two highest peaks where you can catch the magical moment of the first light of day.

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    This ultimate adventure tour option takes you on 10 full days of discovery, sightseeing and adventure. Each day is a different destination and sensation, and best of all, you won’t need to camp out in the open to enjoy them all. Between taking in the beautiful nature scenes daily, alongside visits to cultural and spiritual landmarks, you’ll be unwinding in the comforts of luxurious eco-friendly resorts. From your airport pick-up on day one, you’ll head straight to an eco-lodge on the eastern slopes of Mount Batukaru, to unpack and explore the volcano right away. It’s the most adventurous thing to so in Bali for nature lovers, traversing most of central Bali and the southern coasts. Read More...


    Hiking up Bali’s highest peak, Mount Agung, involves trekking through rugged forest trails and volcanic slopes, with the prize view waiting for you at the top. Highlights along this guided hiking tour include ancient temples and virgin forest, while the summit offers sweeping views over thin clouds, the crater and the stunning views of the rising sun as it greets you with the first light of day. The climb starts very early, several hours before dawn, meaning you can also enjoy starry skies during clear weather. Stories from the guide accompany your climb, telling you of the spiritual significance of the mountain and its ancient forest. The hike takes around 4 to 6 hours to reach the top, 2 to 4 hours to come back down, and most definitely tests your strength and determination as you are clambering over large tree roots and boudlers. Read More...


    As one of Bali’s earliest inhabited places, the lakeside village of Trunyan can evoke awe and wonder through its unique rituals and customs. The village is located on the eastern side of Lake Batur. One of its most interesting features is its burial rites – the deceased are wrapped and brought by boat to a dedicated burial ground and laid out around a large old fragrant tree that is believed to only grow here, which miraculously neutralises any odour from the decomposing bodies. It's a truly unique (and macabre) spectacle, but a totally adventurous site to explore! Read More...

    Whitewater Rafting Duration: 5 hours

    Challenging white water rafting is possible on the Ayung River near Ubud, which are actually Bali’s longest and largest rapids. A team of professional rafting guides assist you with the equipment and gear, while the action and thrills start as soon as you board your rafts and work together on paddling and steering through the Grade 2 and Grade 3 course. Vortexes of swirling foamy water, natural ramps, cool waterfalls and sudden drops are all part of this rollercoaster of nature. After the wet joyride, dry off and replenish with a delicious gourmet buffet lunch. Read More...


    This accessible yet adventurous thing to do in Bali packs a guided market tour, nature trek and waterfall tour into a fun day out around the lush central Bali village of Blahbatuh in the Gianyar regency. The village tour takes you through the picturesque expanses of rice paddies in Antungan, where you can refresh mid-journey with a fresh young coconut and a tasty local lunch. An ensuing ascent through a narrow forest trail leads you to the waterfalls of Blangsinga for a cool dip while admiring the views. The excursion includes a stop at Kemenuh Butterfly Park, to see a small sample of Bali's magnificent winged specimens. Read More...


    This climb up Mount Batur allows you to admire the magical sunrise over the vast caldera lake at the summit. At the peak, enjoy a unique breakfast: egg and banana cooked over the hot steam emitted from the volcano itself. Your ensuing hike down the slope traverses local plantations where you'll see fresh local produce and taste many different coffee brews available, including the world-famous civet-cat coffee, known as kopi luwak. Then, take a soothing dip in a hot spring at the western side of the lake, where 40°C waters make for a warming respite to rejuvenate tired muscles. Read More...


    The Jatiluwih Rice Terraces is central Bali’s ‘sea of green’. This calm and cool highland countryside offers one of the most scenic panoramas on the island, thanks to its expanses of deep emerald rice terraces. The region offers a combination of plantations and rice fields, alongside thick tropical forests around the slopes of Mount Batukaru. The mountain is also home to the ancient Batukaru Temple, also an included stop on this tour. Read More...


    Another of Bali’s oldest civilisations to live on until this day, the village of Tenganan Pegringsingan is famed for some of the world’s rarest tie-dye cloths, known as geringsing. This tour takes you to this old heritage site, where villagers uphold their ancient traditions and agricultural ways of life. Besides the famous fabrics, you can also taste locally produced palm wine, admire masterfully handcrafted items and roam tranquil farms and plantations. This full day adventure ends on the golden sands of Virgin Beach in the coastal village of Perasi. Read More...


    This one’s for Bali's nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. You’ll zip through highland forest and along plantation trails around Payangan village, several minutes north of Ubud. You'll be riding ATVs (quadbikes) or specially designed dirt buggies. The action-packed ride concludes with a unique thrill to cool down – cruising along the region’s Siap River rapids in large inflatable tubes. Wetsuits, helmets, lifejackets and safety harnesses, as well as a delicious Balinese lunch, are all included. Read More...


    Offering more than just spelunking thrills in Bali, this tour takes you on a rugged ‘canyoning’ adventure, where you’ll learn about the basics of rappelling, all while admiring the beauty of Bali’s highland nature. This two-day excursion takes you to Bali's legendary Tukad Api gorges, aka ‘Canyon of Fire’. This highly adventurous things to do in Bali includes an overnight stay in the lush wilderness. Dense rainforest terrain, steep ravines and the thundering sounds of the waterfall come together in an immersive natural setting. Read More...

    WakaLand 4x4 Island Tour Duration: 8.5 hours

    Journey into Bali’s rugged interior on a 4x4 ride, offering a wealth of sights, from rice paddies and ancient quarries to high mountain peaks. One thing's for certain, you will get a feel for the character of the Bali’s central heartland and spectacular landscapes. The trip starts in the morning with a stopover at an old Balinese village with an ancient sandstone quarry where life-size masterpieces are carved by skilled artisans. Here, you can trek through lush rice fields and learn to make Balinese flower offerings or ‘canang sari’ before going up into the mountains via the rice fields of Jatiluwih. Lunch is served as part of the trip with Balinese delights and coffees. Read More...


    For a short and simple tour to experience Bali’s green countryside, this tour is just right. Located closer to the popular southern resort areas of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, you can tour the green rice paddies of the Kerobokan area where expanses of green and verdant farmlands can still be found, which still provide you an experience off the beaten track. The guided trek through rice fields is insightful, and includes a detour to an eclectic warehouse packed with unusual antiques, as well as a stopover at a local traditional market. Read More...

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