10 Secret Beaches on Southern Tip of Bali

Bali's Hidden Beaches Only an Hour from Kuta

Discover these secret beaches in Bali, from the secluded stretches of sand around the southern Bukit peninsula, which is also famous as being home to a selection of the island’s world-class surf breaks. Mostly remote and positioned at the base of towering limestone cliffs, these beautiful strips of white sand are generally a chore to get to, but the effort is usually pays off, with gorgeous beachscapes and pristine waters.

The generally barren topography of these locatoins make for stark and exotic features, with great panoramic bird’s-eye views from the cliff tops and picture postcard views from down on the coastline. These hidden and almost secret beaches in Bali are also great for spending even a whole day on. The best part is that you can escape to your own stretch of paradise within only an hour or two from the common areas such as Kuta.

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Nyang Nyang Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Uluwatu
Nyang Nyang

One of the least visited beaches in Bali, Nyang Nyang is on top of our list owing to the adventurous aspect of getting to this pristine 1.5-kilometre coastline. Located in the Pecatu area of the Bukit peninsula, it requires about a half-hour trek over rugged terrain with splendid views over the hillside and ocean to get there. Before reaching the beach, near the base are fields of wild flowers, and the barren coastline features crystal clear waters and a lone shipwreck. You can stay on for sunset or make the climb up again before dark. It’s also excellent with bonfires under the stars for those willing to set up tents. Read More...

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Balangan Jalan Pantai Balangan, Pecatu, Jimbaran

While in Bali, surf to your heart’s content. Surf spots abound, and range from sand breaks to challenging (barrelling) reef breaks – there’s a fair share beginners and pros around. Surfers from across the globe bring their own boards and head to these favourite spots as soon as they get out of Ngurah Rai Airport. You can enjoy the underwater wonders of Bali’s colourful coral gardens by snorkelling for free, too. Read More...

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Padang Padang Jalan Labuan Sait, Pecatu
Padang Padang

Padang Padang is a small beach set in a tiny cove, accessible from the main road and down a flight of stairs under a limestone crag. It is relatively visible from the bridge on Jalan Labuan Sait, as you come down from Uluwatu. Padang Padang was briefly shot for one of the scenes in Eat, Pray, Love, with the two main characters swimming in its crystal clear waters. On the sand, there are local stalls offering snacks and refreshments, as well as surf gear rentals. The waters near the coast are safe to swim, while the outer waves and reef breaks are reserved only for advanced wave riders. Read More...

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Bingin Beach Jalan Pantai Bingin, Uluwatu
Bingin Beach

Bingin is just minutes north from Uluwatu, and has a number of local bars and warungs with splendid views over the surf. The best time for beach lovers to visit Bingin is during low tide, when much of the stretch of sand is revealed and enjoyable. The main draw is the exotic setting, with different pieces of limestone boulders scattered around the coast. Predominantly a pro surfers’ paradise, the waves here can be strong, and waters near the shore are shallow but too rocky to wander barefoot. Even still, the coarse sand coast is one of the most beautiful on the Bukit coastline. Read More...

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Tegalwangi Jalan Pura Tegal Wangi, Jimbaran

This unique ‘hidden’ beach graces the western rim of the Bukit. It is named after a sea temple on the hilly cape to its north. From the cliff edge of the temple and the adjacent area, you can enjoy breath-taking vantage points over the cliffs and sea. The small stretch of exotic white sand is accessible down a rocky limestone flight of steps. The waters are not recommended for swimming due to strong ocean currents with no lifeguards around. Many come here for the excellent views and stay on for sunset’s magical moments. Read More...

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Gunung Payung Jalan Gunung Payung, Ungasan
Gunung Payung

This beach is also named after a landmark temple - known as Gunung Payung - located on a cliff top in the village of Kutuh on Bukit’s southern coastline. The remote but beautiful beach below is accessible down a steep flight of steps beside the temple, which provides you with great views over the ocean and coastline. The waters are the growing and harvesting grounds of seaweed farmers, evident from above by the neat patches of deep green. The grassy cliff face looms over the beach, and at the base you will discover deep and coarse sand and calm waters great for snorkelling. Read More...

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Green Bowl Jalan Pura Batu Pageh, Ungasan
Green Bowl

Named by surfers, perhaps for its lush hillside and stretches of seaweed farms dominating its waters, Green Bowl features a small 60m-long stretch of sand that is quiet and secluded most of the time. Getting to the base requires a very steep 10-minute descent down a flight of stairs. Along the limestone cliff base are several bat caves that add to the exotic features of this beach. Good for snorkelling close to the beach, the waves beyond the reef break feature consistent swells for advanced wave riders. The climb back up might take longer, but you can catch your breath at various points with great views as a reward Read More...

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Suluban Beach Jalan Mamo, Labuan Sait, Uluwatu
Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach is one of Bali’s most unique, concealed by natural limestone formations and accessed via steps and log ramps through narrow gaps in the rock. Canopied by a looming cliff face, this small beach may not be ideal for sunbathers, but serves pro surfers well as a base to paddle out and ride adjacent reef breaks, including around Uluwatu, just to the south. Also nicknamed ‘Blue Point’, Suluban's access is narrow and steep down crags and rocky steps. When you arrive at the sand, the view is truly rewarding. Read More...

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Pandawa Beach Jalan Pantai Pandawa, Kutuh
Pantai Pandawa

Pantai Pandawa, originally referred to as Kutuh Beach prior to its development and opening in 2012, is a one-kilometre stretch of white sand bordered by white cliffs. The cliffs directly facing the coast feature impressive manmade structures and sculptures depicting mythical characters, and the winding road leading to the beach literally cuts through adjacent hills. The eastern part of the beach features parasol-shaded sun beds and local stalls selling light meals and refreshments. The western part has a longer stretch of sand, with a number of restaurants and water sport operators. Pandawa is one of the ’hidden’ beaches on this list where you can really have fun. Read More...

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Geger and Sawangan Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan, Sawangan, Nusa Dua
Sawangan Beach

Geger Beach is once one among the favourite ‘hidden beaches’ on the Bukit’s southeastern coastline, contended by its own neighbour, Sawangan. Sawangan is the contiguous beach between The Mulia Bali and Samabe Bali Suites & Villas, and the beachfront home of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, offering an exotic and secluded setting with calm turquoise-blue waters and white-golden sand. Sunrises are magical here, and throughout the day you can enjoy great swimming and snorkelling or laze around under the sun. There are various accesses, with the main one being a paved road just before the Grand Nikko Bali. Read More...

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