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  • 10 Best Wellness Retreats in Bali

    Best Retreats in Bali for Health and Wellbeing

    These best wellness retreats in Bali comprise great places to stay on the island, all which offer attractive features and packages that make good use of their purpose-built facilities and services that promote happiness and comfort. These great Bali hotels and villa resorts have one thing in common: they allow you to escape, relax, and basically ‘get away from it all’. While others benefit from fresh sea breezes on Bali’s beautiful coasts, some of these hotels are conversely located in the island’s cool, quiet and scenic uplands, helping you to unwind and reconnect.

    Most of these best wellness retreats in Bali also use varying holistic approaches to inspire you to embrace health, fitness and live a better life. They offer world-class yoga and fitness facilities, amazing spas coupled with exotic treatments that are inspired by ancient healing traditions, and there are plenty of open-air activities that help you connect with Mother Nature. Plan your inspiring wellness retreat in Bali here – you can secure your booking with only a few clicks!

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    The COMO Shambhala Estate in Ubud is purpose-built for the relaxation and wellbeing of its guests. There are different kinds of wellness retreat packages that you can choose from throughout the year, inviting notable international speakers, practitioners and team of experts in holistic wellness, health cuisine, and those that combine modern science with ancient healing. Read More...

    Self-dubbed as a ‘healing retreat’, Fivelements offers a regular selection of wellness retreats, encompassing Balinese-inspired healing and rejuvenating treatments, as well as detoxification and introduction to healthy diets and anti-aging through ‘living foods’ and raw cuisine. These packages are also available in long-stay plans for up to 14 nights. It provides a tranquil atmosphere that is integrated with nature, and supports non-smoking and alcohol-free stay. Read More...

    Zen is one of a very few wellness retreats in North Bali that offers wellness packages designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. These include Ayurvedic-inspired spa treatments, alongside traditional Balinese body treatments, sunrise and sunset meditation or yoga exercises, and tailored trips to some of the less-explored spiritual attractions in North Bali. Some packages also include recreational ‘harmony’ diving and snorkelling as part of the holistic experience. Read More...

    This health and wellbeing resort is located in the cool upland village of Sebatu in central Bali. The property is set over five hectares of lush hillside, with a total of eight deluxe spa villas, each boasting their own private spa facilities. There are also 10 superior villas with wide windows overlooking the tropical forest. Besides yoga and meditation as its core offerings, you can also opt for a three-night ‘spiritual journey’ that includes culture and nature activities. Read More...

    Floating Leaf’s all-bamboo main yoga pavilion is a sight to behold, but there’s even more than meets the eye with its retreat options. Some of its retreats span eight days and are designed to ‘restart’ your life. You’ll be set away from daily stressors, which includes switching off your phone and gadgets for the whole week to fully immerse yourself in the refreshing experience. May include aromatherapy by the pool, yoga, massages and even trips and cooking classes. Read More...

    Throughout your stay at Uma by COMO, you’ll be invited to their engaging wellness and cultural activities such as daily yoga sessions, inspiring walks through rice paddies in the surrounding Ubud neighbourhood, as well as hiking, biking, temple visits and workshops. More intensive wellness retreat programmes that include health cuisine and detox are usually designed in conjunction with its sister resort, COMO Shambhala Estate. Read More...

    Since opening in 2010, Omunity Bali in the highland village of Sudaji in north-central Bali set out to provide a unique staying experience that gets you close to nature, with environmentally-friendly practices, no plastics or harmful chemicals. You’ll get to ‘live among’ the local community and people, and learn about their traditions and culture. Packages include long stays with cleansing and purifications, as well as an introduction to Balinese herbal medicine. Read More...

    This remote retreat in Bali’s northeast lets you experience programmes that introduce you to healthy, sustainable life practices. Packages integrate healthy and wholefood cuisine, rejuvenating spa treatments, yoga and spa, hands-on wellness workshops and natural health practices. There are also packages for solo women travellers, with special yoga classes and lifestyle coaching, daily meals include green juice, and lunch and dinner with fresh coconut water. Read More...

    Soothing sounds of nature complement your walks through this resort’s fruit and vegetable gardens. Various packages are offered at Beingsattvaa in the village of Kendran, near Ubud, including at two-night healing stay option that takes you on rice paddy walks, daily yoga and meditation, Balinese-inspired purification ceremonies, vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and massage treatments. Read More...


    Villa Flow


    Retreat to the remote coast of East Bali at this holistic wellness retreat in the village of Seraya. Among their wellness retreat packages is a ‘flow detox’ that caters to those who wish to give their digestive system a break, but who do not want to go through fasting. The programme includes healthy food, juices, soups and fresh coconut, alongside Yoga classes to assist circulation, and healing spa treatments to stimulate the system and revitalise the skin. Three- and five-night staying packages are available. Read More...

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