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  • 10 Best Hotel Pools in Bali

    Bali’s Top Hotel Swimming Pools

    Bali has an eclectic mix of hotels and resorts with stunning swimming pools that offer views of verdant upland hillsides and tropical beaches. As the hotel’s centrepiece and icon, swimming pools are the perfect spot for lazy days in the sun or for unwinding after a day out exploring. Some pools in Bali were designed to blend in with contours of natural landscapes, and others are marvellous feats of design with mini gardens, tropical islands and manmade sand beds. These 10 Bali hotel pools on our list are those that have wowed us either due to their settings, views, form and size. You can consider adding a plunge in one or all of these as a great addition your bucket list.

  • This whole resort offers magnificent scenes with its vast tropical gardens and high views over the Jimbaran cliff-top. Our tip for making the most of the vista is from your sun lounger beside one of its several magnificent pools. The one on its main grounds is the double-tiered River Pool laid out with river stone, located in Ayana’s Cliff Villa section. To soak up some rays, the ground level of the River Pool is surrounded by parasol-shaded purple daybeds; while the upper level lets you rest on the edge and enjoy the ocean views. The winning view is down the cliff face on the resort’s private Kisik Beach, just before the stunning Rock Bar. This freeform saltwater Ocean Beach Pool lets you feel even closer to the waves with its infinity edge. Here, there are loungers on the pool deck and a natural sand terrace Read More...

    This resort features a collection of six breathtaking pools, each in a different shade of blue and connected by a network of manmade waterfalls, fountains and a variety of water features. Interestingly, the pools occupy different levels that result in a multi-layered aquatic environment. The best spot to take in the impressive view of the pools is from the lobby, from where they appear to cascade down amongst the lush forest and finely manicured landscapes of the resort. The pools comprise the Upper Pool adjacent to To’ge Restaurant that looks over the surrounding greenery, the more secluded Cabana Pool, the Lower Pool that best suits families, the fun water fountain-filled Three Monkeys Pool, and the Lagoon, which provides Pool Access Room guests with semi-private pool pleasure. Read More...

    This upland resort in Payangan, a verdant mountain village north of Ubud, has spectacular valley views, and the best place to enjoy it is from the resort’s two-level horizon-edge pool. This pool was designed to match the natural landscapes of the surrounding green Ayung Valley, and tapers towards the outer edges. Swimming at these heights, it’s so peaceful that the only sounds you hear come from Mother Nature, and an ancient temple on the other side of the valley adds an exotic feel to it, especially during its grand ceremonies. By day, enjoy the pool’s borderless reflections and wooden decks from the comfort of shaded loungers. By night, you’ll have a serene starlit sky with the temple’s lights in the distance, perfect for a romantic dip. Getting to this part of the resort is a steep ride down a funicular, as the resort is actually built down the western face of Ayung Valley. Read More...

    The St. Regis has lavish villas with direct access to its expansive 3,668sqm blue-tiled and saltwater lagoon pool. It’s a wonderful place to swim at any time of the day and to gather for drinks at its central swim-up bar. Several corners feature wooden decks with uniquely designed tall four-poster cabanas and cushioned daybeds for sun lounging. The pool is surrounded by tropical gardens and palms, giving it a balance of sunny and dappled areas. Most of it is slightly hidden behind foliage, and you won’t notice the sheer scale of the pool until you actually get in the water. As a guest at its Lagoon Villas, besides the direct access to this blue lagoon you also have a private garden and your own large private plunge pool. Read More...


    Conrad Bali

    Nusa Dua

    Not just another lagoon pool, Conrad Bali’s is notably the largest hotel pool in Bali, and we actually had to crosscheck satellite images in comparison with other hotels to justify. Indeed, it is enormous, with over 4,800sqm of swimmable area that is child-safe and open by day and night. It features a sandy bank at one end and Azure, a lagoon pool bar that offers an extensive selection of casual meals, from sandwiches, pasta and pizza to refreshing drinks such as juices, crushed ice and fruit lemonades and cocktails. Conrad Bali’s Lagoon Access rooms are so close you can plunge right in from your doorstep. You can try a small adventure and swim from one end of the lagoon to the other, but for serious laps the resort also has another large 33m pool. Read More...

    This resort has a collection of swimming pools catering to all guest preferences. The main centrepiece pool is a spacious body of water in between the resort’s two wings, with towering structures and mini tropical gardens, and is divided by pathways. The pool’s perimeter features private cabanas with cushions and side tables with shallow pools where guests may also soak their feet in while enjoying a good read. Near the beachfront and the onsite Nikki Beach Club is a unique circular pool that features various Jacuzzi nooks on its borders. Near the resort’s great kids club facility, the little guests have their own pool area to safely wade, slide and splash in, featuring a mini sand bed and fountains to keep them cheerful and busy. Luxury Room Pool Access guests enjoy direct-access to the resort’s immense lagoon. Read More...


    Further south down the Ayung River valley in Payangan is Alila Ubud, with its large rectangular infinity pool offering dramatic views over lush jungle. Like most of the resort property, with rooms and villas located above a ravine, this pool looks as if it is hanging over the gorge. However, at the further end is a green lawn with loungers for those who wish to laze about in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the scenic vista. The pool itself is bordered by a stone-tiled sundeck lined with cosy parasol-shaded daybeds. From above, the pool mirrors the sky and forested horizon – a soothing sight for all guests. One of the hotels in Bali that lets you get close to nature, with occasional grey long-tailed macaques sightings in the nearby trees. Read More...

    The showpiece of the W Retreat in Bali is WET, the Seminyak resort’s large 1,790sqm saltwater pool, with forms inspired by flowing rice paddy fields. It overlooks Seminyak Beach with its spectacular sunsets, which you can enjoy from the comforts of a deckchair or while bobbing in the water. Swimmers will enjoy WET’s sunny open spaces, but it is also stunning by night as W’s signature fuchsia colours glow around the pool after sunset and colourful all-weather beanbags are spot-lit around the pool’s edges. Kids will love the 0.6m splash pool where they can enjoy lots of games and water toys. Lounging about is great with a good read, a laptop or tablet, and there’s strong high-speed Wi-Fi. Read More...

    Bali Mandira’s pool may not be immense when compared to the other fine resorts in this list, but the main pool is a wonderful body of water in a freeform border, surrounded by lush tropical gardens and mini garden ‘islands’ that provide ample shade for leisure goers, and even secluded lounging spots with sundecks. A swim-up bar and wooden sundecks and thatch-roofed cabanas create a relaxing pool scene. The uniquely designed sun loungers are even available in a submerged option at one space, making for enjoyable soaking under the sun. This main pool is well-lit with underwater lamps that create a dramatic scene at night. For those looking for a more refined pool scene, head up to the infinity rooftop pool adjacent Glow Spa and Parasol Restaurant, where sunset dips with cocktails are best enjoyed. Read More...

    Behold a magnificent 1,300sqm saltwater lagoon pool at this cool resort in Jimbaran. The pool is surrounded by other water features that seem to seamlessly blend in with this freeform centrepiece feature, including upper level mini pools with two coconut palms protruding through its surface from the ground level below. The main pool merges with the garden ‘islands’ and resort guests, especially Lagoon Access Room guests, may explore the whole pool for an enjoyable swim. Glide effortlessly on a floating bed, or enjoy some refreshing beverages and snacks at the Pool Bar for a great relaxing time in Jimbaran. Poolside lounging is available on green lawns and wooden sundecks under wide bright red parasols. Areas are connected by mini bridges, creating a unique sense of exploration. Read More...

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