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  • 10 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Bali

    Green and Sustainable Hotels in Bali

    These 10 best eco-friendly hotels in Bali are your best bets for a ‘green’ holiday on the island, each promising a stay with facilities, services and practices that are set to be environmentally sustainable. Besides being selected based on their reputation and star ratings, these hotels also score highly on guest feedbacks. Furthermore, all have either been successfully benchmarked or certified by global standard accreditors such as EarthCheck and Green Globe.

    These green and sustainable hotels in Bali are committed to reducing environmental impacts in their daily operations, such as conserving energy and water, preserving natural habitats and pollution prevention, as well as socio-cultural responsibilities like giving back to the local communities in which they operate. Some of these best eco-friendly hotels in Bali also highlight green design and architecture, with ecologically responsible buildings that are simply amazing!

    Here, we have explained about the ecological endeavours of each hotel, but you can click on any that you like the look of to see much more information and photos of each property.

  • This hotel in the highland village of Sayan near Ubud scores highly on our guest feedbacks, with most guests admiring the beautiful and well looked-after grounds, the spa, the charming riverside Swept Away restaurant, and most of all, its private pool villas. Green Globe certified, The Samaya Ubud implements a sustainability management plan that includes water conservation with a dedicated spring water collection installation that it shares with the local community, LED lighting with motion sensors throughout the property, a recycling program and an active CSR team. Read More...

    As one of the most luxurious hotels in the Nusa Dua resort complex, St. Regis Bali Resort has gained EarthCheck Silver recertification for consecutive years. It is also among the top hotels in Nusa Dua loved by guests based on’s feedback scores. Underneath the resort’s five-star luxury surface are management systems and practices that are set in place to support energy conservation. The resort reports their environmental footprint to independent auditors and adhere to internationally recognized standards of best practices. Read More...

    Loved by guests for its beautiful yet secluded setting in the coastal village of Pekutatan in West Bali, Puri Dajuma is also Green Globe certified, and dubs itself as a true beachfront eco-resort in Bali. Among their commitments are zero marine pollution, composting from organic waste, glass and plastic recycling, energy savings, rainwater collection, social policy for staff, support of local communities and projects and green procurement, or purchasing and using products that cause minimal environmental impact. Their sustainably designed wooden ocean view cottages and villas are testament. Read More...

    Maya Ubud is enlisted as a Green Globe ‘elite member’, and integrates a wide range of green practices and initiatives into its daily operations. These include reuse of linens, recycling of plastics and paper, waste water for irrigation, and it even takes pride in its spice and herb gardens that are regularly harvested for use by its restaurants. As a staying guest, you will also be invited to join its tree planting program, introduced since 2007 and with great success over the years. Read More...

    This clifftop-perched resort on the southern Bukit peninsula overlooks the famous surf breaks of Uluwatu, and has achieved EarthCheck Gold certification, for consistently demonstrating its commitment to their host communities and high standards of environmental management. These include the use of energy-efficient lighting, minimisation of water consumption, recycling of solid waste products, and reusing whenever possible. The resort also scores high among our guest feedbacks, most commending the resort’s beautiful villas and overall design, and the wonderfully romantic getaway they experienced here. Read More...

    You’ll experience a unique luxury mountain retreat at the Green Globe certified Munduk Moding, with its splendid views over the flowing green hillsides and working coffee plantations of Munduk in north-central Bali. There’s only a handful of villas and suites over its five hectares of rural plantation landscape. Besides enjoying the cool mountain air, and different kind of sunsets, as a guest here you are also invited to experience the local community whose members are engaged in activities that maintain the tropical rainforest and water conservation. The resort also encourages village youth to foster their cultural heritage through traditional dance, music and crafts. Read More...

    EarthCheck Silver certified, this premier meeting resort in Nusa Dua offers environmentally preferable choices as part of its meeting facilities and services, to reduce environmental impacts. Their meetings department carefully designs each meeting or event with green in mind, from paperless meeting approaches to sustainable food options. Most of our regular guest feedbacks commend the resort’s beautifully kept grounds and the luxurious five-star offerings. Read More...

    This resort is perhaps the most visually striking on this list. Fivelements achieved the FuturArc Green Leadership Award, recognizing its innovative and ecologically responsible green building design, featuring wonderful all-bamboo structures. Their offsetting projects include tree planting to offset energy and material use, and support of third party managed social campaigns. Besides common green practices such as recycling non-organic waste, small details include naturally ventilated indoor spaces planted with air cleaning plants. Read More...

    A premier surf and eco-resort on the eastern coast of Gianyar, Komune Resort invites you to a green getaway with environmentally friendly accommodation. Among the resort’s missions are to help protect the black sand coast of Keramas, by daily monitoring and removal of loose items and allowing the waves to wash over their striking beach club, which was actually designed to allow this to happen. Their dedicated beach and river clean up team operates daily. There’s a solar farm onsite, as well as an organic garden that is pleasant to walk through, before heading to the beach. Read More...


    Meliã Bali

    Nusa Dua

    Melia Bali first achieved EarthCheck Platinum certification in 2011, and continues to commit its services and facilities to sustainable measures. The hotel stands in a natural setting, and environmentally-friendly materials were used in its construction, and has an integral preventive-corrective maintenance plan in place, as well as calculating carbon footprints per stay. As a guest here you are offered a compensation service for the emissions generated during your stay. Melia Bali is involved in programmes to promote the recovery of local traditions as well as architectural heritage, and their gastronomic offers include the use of seasonal and locally sourced products. Read More...

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