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  • Top 10 Best Art Hotels in Bali

    Most popular hotels in Bali

    These best art hotels in Bali offer more than just a cosy night’s stay for guests, particularly aficionados and travellers who are allured by the island’s rich scene. If you are one and also happen to be looking for accommodation that is out of the ordinary, then these selections of hotels and resorts in Bali will provide you with a memorable experience through collections of curios and masterpieces adorning rooms and public spaces. Some even house galleries onsite!

    Several of these art hotels are pioneers, reflecting their owners’ passion with outstanding collections of antiques and artefacts that are available for guests to view and admire throughout the course of their stay. Notable hotels like Hotel Tugu Bali remain on top of the list with almost all of its facilities adorned in rare items collected from across Bali and the Indonesian archipelago.

  • If you‘re looking for a stay in Bali that also allows you to get up close to some of the rarest antiques and historically significant treasures on the island, then Hotel Tugu Bali on the shores of Canggu is your best bet. Brainchild of the owner of the biggest collection of fine Indonesian art and cultural antiquities in Indonesia, the property features rare items – from real barong costumes to life-size sculptures and giant Chinese vases – adorning its lobby, gardens and dining outlets. Two of its Grand Suites are tributes to legendary artists Walter Spies and Le Mayeur, with their masterpieces as décor! Read More...

    Known as simply ARMA for short, this property in Ubud also started off as a passionate museum and with an adjacent small hotel in 1982. Now serving as a full-fledged hotel with boutique villas, ARMA welcomes you to its collection of artworks by renowned painters from Bali and all over Indonesia, the likes of Affandi and Srihadi Soedarsono, and foreign artists who lived on the island such as Rudolph Bonnet, Arie Smit, Le Mayeur de Merpres and Hans Snel. You can also enjoy scheduled cultural tours as well as cultural Balinese performing arts at its dedicated space onsite. Read More...

    The Mansion offers five-star luxury accommodation in the Penestanan village community, several minutes’ drive south of the Ubud main hub. The large estate comprises a single grand mansion that houses a collection of well-furnished suites and rooms. The modern and elegant interiors are profuse with objects and delicate pieces, from classical paintings, heritage art and porcelain, contemporary sculptures to rare hand-woven fabrics and batiks. The hotel is a gallery and museum that you can actually sleep in. Read More...

    The legendary Padma Resort has gone through several facelift phases in the recent past, but has retained much of the artistic appeal that it set out with. You’ll admire this resort’s wealth of curios and grand life-sized sculptures, starting from the main entrance, the lobby and throughout its tropical gardens. Tropical garden pathways set you on an open-air gallery tour of life-size busts of mythical Balinese dragons snaking out of the green lawn, sacred cows under palm trees, and a series of bronze monuments in public spaces, the works of famous Balinese sculptors Nyoman Nuarta and Ketut Winata. Read More...

    Formerly the private estate of Indonesian architect and interior designer Hendra Hadiprana, The Chedi Club at Tanah Gajah is a luxury hotel that welcomes you to a boutique stay that is abundant with artworks by local Balinese artists and items from the founder’s private collection. Rustic style structures are spread throughout vast gardens and green rice paddies. Villas feature antique wooden furniture, elegant carpeting and walls adorned with fine paintings. Some of its signature villa pools feature water spouts inspired by ancient Balinese royal bathing pools. Read More...

    Tanah Merah offers a great combination of arts and nature through its guestrooms and private pool villas that are filled with imaginative creations and provide relaxing views over a green valley. The surrounding upland neighbourhood also features picturesque rice field vistas. Guestrooms’ interiors are profuse with tribal artworks and antique collections from all over Indonesia, from antique colonial era style furniture, Dayak miniature totems from Kalimantan, classical and contemporary Balinese paintings, to rare woven fabrics and wall ornaments from East Nusa Tenggara. Read More...


    This half-century-old hotel is a silent witness to the advent of Sanur as one of the favourite beach resorts in Bali as we know it. It retains much of its authenticity throughout its guestrooms and property with antique furnishings, old-fashioned painted tiles, and tropical garden paths with majestic carved Balinese gateways. Brainchild of a late antiques collector, Tandjung Sari presents a collection of thatched roof bungalows with private courtyards and with walls and corners decked with classical paintings and figurines. Traditional Balinese dance performances are featured nightly, presented by Tandjung Sari’s own art foundation and dance troupe. Read More...

    Owned and run by a Balinese royal family in Sanur, Griya Santrian houses a gallery that constantly hosts exhibitions featuring the works of budding and contemporary local and Indonesian artists, with a mission to promote the island’s diverse art scene. These also include sculptures, photography, installations, and dances, music and theatre. The villas offer Balinese rustic charm, with ornately carved wood and sandstone, and interiors with classical Balinese paintings and wooden panels. Read More...

    Suarti is a renowned name in the silver jewellery business in Bali, and its luxury resort, located on the east coast of Bali, reflects the passion for the arts by its founding owners, with a two-level gallery onsite. The items in the collection range from classical Balinese paintings, antique wood sculptures and traditional Balinese gamelan instruments. The vestibule’s central skylight allows natural daylight for viewing the gallery. Two clusters of villas and eight suites comprise beachfront, pool and garden view options, which are also adorned with beautiful pieces.

    Alam Puri is located in the village of Penatih, north Denpasar. The hotel adjoins the Putrawan Museum of Art, also going by the name Puma Museum, and presents a collection of items by owning founder Made Gde Putrawan. The collection was overseen by Haji Daeng Iskandar and Wahyono Martowikrido, then head of the History and Archaeology at the National Museum in Jakarta. Works of renowned Balinese painters adorn the front wall of the museum, together with primitive and tribal art on ceramic murals. The resort’s 13 private pool villas each also present original paintings on their walls. Read More...

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