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The Agung Rai Museum of Art (or ARMA as it’s commonly known) was officially opened in June 1996. The Arma building is a compound including a resort, restaurants, painting classes, a museum and also an open stage for performing arts. The museum showcases a permanent painting exhibition by Balinese, Indonesian and foreign artists, including the collection of the Arma Foundation and work loaned from the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Agung Rai, and ranges from traditional to contemporary works by Walter Spies, Willem Gerald Hofker, Rudolf Bonnet, Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, Raden Saleh Syarif Bustman and Willem Dooijwaard. The facilities provide the opportunity to enjoy theatre, music and Read More...

  • Location: Jalan Pengosekan, Ubud
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 975 742
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Blanco Renaissance Museum is an unofficial landmark in Ubud, the house and studio of the late flamboyant Philippine-born maestro, Don Antonio Blanco. Located on a hilltop overlooking the lush valley of Campuhan, it houses paintings, collages and illustrated poetry, together with lithographic artworks of his favourite subject: nude Balinese women.

The private residence and lavish studio has guided tours of the facility, with the artist’s family members hosting you if you’re lucky. The thought-provoking collections, lush garden surroundings and a fine restaurant established in the name of the artist’s late wife and muse all provide a great stopover on your trips to Ubud. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 09:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Jalan Campuhan, Ubud
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 975 502
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Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali is a fun and interactive art gallery featuring a vast collection of three-dimensional, life-size murals for visitors to pose and play with. The gallery features a rich array of masterfully painted artworks that each serves as interactive backdrops for illusory three-dimensional photography. There are an impressive total of 120 unique artworks in 14 different categories spread over three levels, which provide a full-day of discovery and creativity. The museum is located on Jalan Nakula, right off the junction of Jalan Dewi Sri and Kuta’s Sunset Road, and just down the street from the TS Suites in Seminyak. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 09:00-22:00
  • Location: Jl. Nakula No. 33X, Legian
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 849 6220
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Gedong Arca Archeological Museum


Located about seven kilometres out of Ubud’s centre, towards Gianyar, the museum houses numerous items ranging from simple Paleolithic artefacts, stone tools and blades from the pre-Hindu Bronze Age to the golden era of Balinese Hindu-Buddhism and beyond, gained from Indian and Chinese traders who pre-dated the Dutch by centuries.

  • Location: Jalan Raya Tampaksiring, between Pejeng and Bedulu village
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 942 347
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Le Mayeur Museum is a memorial museum mainly housing the artworks and personal history of painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres (February 9, 1880 – May 31, 1958) – a Brussels-born artist who was impressed by the shores of Sanur and dedicated his entire life there to the two things he loved the most: the arts and women.

Before deciding to spend his life in Bali, Le Mayeur had already travelled around the world. Sacrificing his travels to pursue his love of arts, he found himself enamoured of the exotic scent of frangipani and a certain bare-breasted Legong dancer, his wife and muse, Ni Pollok. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 08:00-14:00
  • Location: Sanur Beachfront
  • Address: Jalan Hang Tuah, Sanur
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 286 201
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Founded by Rudolf Bonnet and Cokorda Gde Agung Sukawati, Ubud's Museum Puri Lukisan houses a permanent collection of Balinese painting from the turn of the century; displaying fine examples off all schools of Balinese art. This museum has a collection of 150 painting and 62 pieces of sculptures. The first fine arts museum in Bali, it has a valuable aim of culturing Bali's very aesthetic art and culture for its next generation. Read More...

  • Location: Jalan Raya Ubud, Ubud
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 975 136
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Museum Manusa Yadnya


Just as its name implies, the Museum Manusa Yadnya details items regarding the process of a Balinese Hindu's life from the womb to the tomb. Museum Manusa Yadnya was established in 1979 and since 1997 became under the authority of the Badung regency cultural office. The museum exhibits replicas of Balinese Hindu rituals that are categorised into specific sections. The Museum Manusa Yadnya is easily located, right on the southern area of the Taman Ayun temple complex.

  • Location: Taman Ayun Temple, Mengwi
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The Bali Provincial Public Museum, or simply referred to as the Bali Museum, is the oldest on the island with up to 10,506 exhibits. Built in traditional Balinese royal style, the 2,600sqm area is divided into the jaba pisan (outside area), jaba tengah (courtyard), and jeroan (central area).

The jeroan comprises three gedungs (pavilions) named after regencies in Bali, Tabanan, Karangasem, and Buleleng and houses a collection of art and ethnography, ancient inscriptions, ceramics, porcelain statues, household items, agricultural tools, weapons, ritual tools, paintings, wayang kulit (shadow puppets) and more.

The library, laboratory, pavilions for exhibitions and other historical collections, as well as the employee’s offices at the southern part Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 08:00 – 15:00, Fri 08:00 – 12:30
  • Location: Jalan Mayor Wisnu, to the east from Puputan Square, Denpasar
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 222 680
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This wonderful museum in Singaraja is a display of thousands of ancient Balinese letters in chronological order; the kakawin, or old Balinese poetry; and the geguritan which written on the palm leaf. All these and more are stored in the original building that was built in 1928 and still standing tall today. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 07:00-14:30, Friday 07:00-12:00 and Saturday 07:00-13:00
  • Location: Jalan Veteran 20, Singaraja
  • Tel: +62 (0)362 25 141
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Museum Manusia Purba


The Museum Manusia Purba, at the western end of Bali, was established in 1990s. It all began with an archaeological expedition of Dukuh Cekik in 1962, by R.P. Soejoeno from the Bali Archaeological Service. The expedition estimated that approximately 2,000 years ago, the stone age man dwelled on the site of the museum.

  • Location: Gilimanuk
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Museum Rudana is one of the more contemporary art galleries that you can visit around Ubud. Established in 1995 by avid art collector Nyoman Rudana and his wife, the museum now houses a vast collection of works by famous Balinese, Indonesian and international painters. Most of his personal favourites include pieces in the classical Ubud and Batuan styles, with depictions of rural life, natural landscapes and cultural activities. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 05:00
  • Location: Jalan Cok Rai Pudak no. 44, Peliatan, Ubud
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 975 779
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Museum Seni Lukis Klasik


This museum is owned by the talented Nyoman Gunarsa, and is used as an outlet by the man himself to exhibit his masterpieces, completing the museum's collection, which documents the classical paintings of Bali. The Museum Seni Lukis Klasik is located in the village of Banda village.

  • Location: Jalan Setia Budi, Takmung village, Klungkung (5km west of Klungkung town centre on the main road to Gianyar)
  • Tel: +62 (0)362 222 56
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Neka Art Museum


The superb Neka Museum, in Campuan, is another excellent museum, with marvelous collections of traditional Balinese paintings by local artists and foreign artists who lived in Bali; and items of modern Balinese art. The museum stores art from the Kamasan style of the 16th century to modern 20th century paintings. The whole collection is displayed chronologically, to provide an overview of Bali's history of fine arts.

The Neka Gallery on Jalan Raya , and the Agung Rai Gallery in Peliatan are some of Bali's largest and most important.

  • Location: Jalan Raya Camphuan, Kedewatan, Ubud
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 975 074
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Nyoman Sumerta Fine Art Gallery


Nyoman Sumerta Fine Art Gallery is located at Tepi Sawah Villas and highlights the richness of ideas and artistic imaginations of Indonesian artists with emphasis on local Balinese paintings and also those of foreign artists living and working in Bali. This innovative gallery features sculptures produced by the talented local community around the village of Ubud. Admission to the gallery is fee. The gallery also offers visitors the opportunity to experience Ubud art and culture through a variety of activities, ranging from Balinese flower offering making and arrangements to painting courses and woodcarving classes.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Address: Jalan Raya Goa Gajah, Banjar Teges, Peliatan, Ubud
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 970 388
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Seniwati Art Gallery


This gallery was established in 1991 by Mary Northmore, the very personable wife of famous painter Abdul Azis; with the aim of helping Balinese women to be accepted as artists; and also to expose the long hidden and unrecognised brilliance of women artists in Bali. The gallery also serves to motivate, train and encourage young talented Balinese girls achieve their full potential in the world of arts.

  • Location: Jalan Sriwedari 2B, Banjar Taman, Ubud
  • Tel: +62 361 975485
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Upside Down World Bali adds to the growing list of fun indoor activities on the island, where you can enter seven specially designed rooms whose décor and furniture are simply, and deliberately, the wrong way up. It is where you can enjoy a fun day out with your partner or friends and strike many whacky poses, only to end up as gravity-defying stunts in photos. Selfie sticks don’t really work here… but don’t worry, friendly staff are on standby to help you with that. Read More...

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