Pemuteran Bay in Bali

Marine Conservation and Dive Site in North Bali

Pemuteran Bay in Bali’s northwest is a premier dive site and a coastal community home to the world’s largest artificial reef project. The bay has the largest area of shallow coral reefs in Bali due to its year-round calm waves. These once saw a decline due to cyanide fishing, but have now recovered and flourished through collaborative conservation efforts between the local communities, dive operators and resort owners through the Karang Lestari Foundation.

The two-hectare coastal site became a marine protected area when the project took off at the turn of the millennium, with its pilot coral nursery project comprising sunken metal structures fed with low electrical currents that help stimulate coral growth. Now there are over two dozen biorock nurseries installed under the waves of Pemuteran, outshining similar reef projects that have taken place in the Pacific and Caribbean.

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You can easily enjoy the views of the spectacular coral reef growth near the coastline. Furthermore, divers can enjoy expansive artificial reef gardens that were built over time, some with shrines and statues of goddesses, creating an exotic underwater realm to explore. There are several separate spots, most of which are suitable for all skill levels, which include rich offshore slopes and the so-called ‘deep reef’ at depths of down to 36m, with leafy sea fans, lobsters and morays in residence.

To contribute to the ongoing conservation efforts, you can ‘adopt’ a coral, with a small wire structure that is built in the shape of your name, which will eventually be covered in coral growth. Pictures will be taken by divers and emailed to you so that you can watch its development over time. Besides beautiful artificial reefs, good year-round visibility lets you enjoy the underwater splendour. Corals continue to thrive on existing structures and the whole site continues to expand as new structures are designed and submerged.

Pemuteran Bay

  • Location: Dusun Pemuteran, Gerokgak, Buleleng, North Bali
  • Tel: +62 (0)362 932 64
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