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Pelaga Agro Tourism is Bali’s major agro tourism region, located around the hillsides of the Petang Village in the district of Pelaga, Badung regency, at 730 metres above sea level. The agro tourism site is easily reached with a two-hour drive, approximately 45km north of Denpasar, the provincial capital.

This region offers vast plantations, highlighting the agricultural processes of seeding, planting and harvesting of various varieties of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. With scenic hillsides, the region also offers a cooler highland climate that makes for a refreshing retreat from the sultry southern coasts.

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The natural beauty of the region has been admired throughout time, marked by a guesthouse built during the Dutch occupation in Indonesia. The site was restored by the local government and continues to serve visitors. The agro tourism site covers an area of over 18Ha, with most of it comprising of plantations.

Unlike the common rice field irrigational systems, these plantations use drip irrigation that enables the constant, effective and efficient flow of water to the cultivated areas. There are also farms with poultry, cattle, and even fish ponds developed in the region.

Public facilities include parking spaces, a supermarket, dining venues and also accommodation as well as recreational facilities. Various activities that visitors can engage in include hiking throughout the plantation site and admiring the far vistas and close-up details of vegetables, fruits, flowers and farm animals.

Guided tours are also available and with the use of silent electrical buggies the guides explain the highlights along the routes. Cycling, bird watching, and also camping are other activities that can be enjoyed here. The region is home to a vast variety of exotic bird species. As a suitable destination for families, there is also a children’s playground.

Good to Know about Bagus Agro Pelaga

One of the major operators of agro tourism in Pelaga is Bagus Agro Pelaga, which offers accommodation, dining, and tour and activities. Its luxury wooden farmhouses are each built around a central swimming pool and include a bedroom, bathroom, and veranda with a daybed. Its two restaurant locations can accommodate up to 230 people for lunch or dinner, serving Balinese and Western cuisine.

Activities abound, focusing on natural Balinese traditional products, such as demonstrations of traditional coconut oil processing, coffee roasting, cooking Balinese traditional cakes, and making palm sugar. Cycling through the mountain villages of Tihingan and Auman, and passing terraced rice fields and plantations, as well as trekking and waterfall tours to the Nung Nung waterfall are also options.

Pelaga Agro Tourism

  • Location: Jalan Raya Puncak Mangu, Pelaga Village, Petang, Badung
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 745 0031
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