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Denpasar is the capital city of Bali so it isn't geared to tourism, but you can find several historical, multi-cultural, traditional, and religious gems. There are museums and monuments from the Dutch colonial period, along with several temples that will no doubt surprise you with their allure.

Denpasar’s many public facilities hold various public events, whether it’s a big annual happening like the Bali Arts Festival or just a weekly soccer school practice. Have a walk around its two large green squares, although you should be extra careful when crossing the streets as the traffic can get very busy.

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  • Top 10 Hotels in Denpasar

    Top 10 Hotels in Denpasar

    The best hotels in Denpasar come in a variety of city hotels that all serve as great bases to explore and enjoy the Read More»

  • 10 Best Attractions in Denpasar

    Top 10 Attractions in Denpasar

    Attractions in Denpasar (the capital city of Bali), include several sites of historical and cultural significance, such Read More»

  • Top 10 Restaurants in Denpasar

    Top 10 Restaurants in Denpasar

    Restaurants in Denpasar come in a wide range of styles, settings and price ranges, and offer visitors a culinary journey Read More»

  • 10 Best Shopping in Denpasar

    Top 10 Shopping in Denpasar

    Shopping in Denpasar offers a fun adventure through city streets, some lined with shops that specialise in a certain Read More»

  • Top 5 Nightlife in Denpasar

    Top 5 Nightlife in Denpasar

    Nightlife in Denpasar offers a select number of worthwhile places to visit, including two major traditional markets and Read More»

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Top 10 Hotels in Denpasar

Top 10 Hotels in Denpasar

The best hotels in Denpasar come in a variety of city hotels that all serve as great bases to explore and enjoy the Read More...

10 Best Hotels Discounts in Denpasar

Mark these 10 best hotels discounts in Denpasar for the best offers available in the provincial capital of Bali.

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10 Best Value Hotels in Denpasar

These best value hotels in Denpasar provide the best answers to a burning question that cost-conscious travellers may Read More...

  • Serangan Beach

    Serangan Beach is a small coastal stretch on the south-eastern shore of Serangan Island in Read More»

  • I AM Bali 3D Interactive Art Museum

    Enter an immersive world of illusions, with stunning 3D wall paintings and interactive art installations at Denpasar’s Read More»

  • Bajra Sandhi Monument in Bali

    Bajra Sandhi Monument in Bali

    This big landmark in Denpasar is shaped like a Balinese Hindu priest’s bell, and houses a museum inside! Read More»

  • Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali

    Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali

    Admire classical Balinese architecture and travel back in time through the huge collection of arts and historical Read More»

  • Level 21 Mall in Bali

    Level 21 Mall is one of Denpasar’s latest modern shopping malls, which offers something for everyone through its variety Read More»

  • Popiler Batik II

    Popiler Batik II

    Batik Popiler is among the most familiar names in batik on the island. From its base in Tohpati, just outside Batubulan, Read More»

Denpasar Travel Guide

Denpasar Attractions

Denpasar Attractions

Denpasar is where the rustic and urbane blend together. Many structures were erected to commemorate historical events, Read More...

Denpasar Restaurants & Dining

Denpasar Restaurants

Denpasar features scores of restaurants offering vast menu selections. Some streets boast varied eateries with Oriental, Read More...

Denpasar Nightlife

Denpasar Nightlife

Denpasar nightlife venues are not as many as in Kuta and Bali's other main tourist areas. You'll find a different Read More...

Denpasar Shopping

Denpasar Shopping

The modern and traditional blend in Denpasar; you can either bargain prices down on lower-priced goods or pay full price Read More...

Denpasar Activities

Denpasar Activities A-Z

Denpasar doesn’t offer many options apart from sightseeing, shopping, and eating. Still, therer are open spaces for Read More...

Denpasar Map

Denpasar Map

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as Read More...


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