Cinemas in Bali

Movie Theatres and Film Screenings in Bali

These cinemas in Bali are where you can head to for the latest Hollywood blockbusters, occasionally with some of the best Indonesian film releases from the nation’s thriving movie industry. The nation’s largest cinema network, Cineplex 21 (spelled ‘Cineplex XXI’), has a total of four cinemas in Bali – two designated as ‘Premiere’ or showing the most up-to-date releases, and all are located within modern malls.

Other Bali cinemas, such as the renovated Denpasar Cineplex in the heart of the provincial capital, offer tickets at lower prices, but still deliver good cinematic experiences with clean theatres and the latest technologies, including digital surround sound such as Dolby or THX. Specialty cinemas such as Paradiso in Ubud screen inspiring documentaries regularly, together with organic cuisine. If you’re up for a sensory thrills, try any of the 5D Max booths in Kuta.

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5D Max Bali

These small movie booths located at various locations in Bali will take you on 7-minute ‘5-dimensional’ thrill rides, with over a dozen different movies to choose from. Inside, four hydraulic-powered seats move and jolt in sync to the scenes on screen, which you watch using 3D glasses. Also, lighting, wind, bubbles and mists are all thrown in according to scene to add to its hyper-realistic effects. Movie themes range from alien invasions, apocalyptic city scenarios, jungle roller coaster rides, dinosaur chases to haunted houses. You can find their booths at the Bali Collection in Nusa Dua, the Tanah Lot Temple complex, the Discovery Shopping Mall, Mal Bali Galeria, Level 21 Mall and in Poppies Lane in Legian. For only IDR 50,000 or less than USD 5 a seat, it’s a fun diversion from all that window shopping.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00
  • Location: (Office) Pertokoan Segitiga Emas No. 27, Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Kuta
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 4727 320
  • Website:
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Cinema Galeria XXI at Mal Bali Galeria

The XXI network’s first cinema in Bali, the Galeria XXI only has two studios, each with 199 seat capacities and with up to three different movie show times daily. The cinema accepts advanced ticket bookings, which can be made via their SMS, web or app-based services called M-Tix. Tickets are IDR 40,000 (USD 3) on weekdays, IDR 50,000 (USD 4) on Fridays and IDR 70,000 (USD 5) on weekends.

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 21:40
  • Location: Mal Bali Galeria, Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci, Kuta
  • Tel: +62 (0) 361 767 021
  • Website:
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Cinema XXI at Beachwalk Mall

A more modern movie theatre in the XXI network’s branch of cinemas on the island, this Beachwalk Mall theatre is also referred to as the ‘Beachwalk XXI’ and is located on the second floor of the vast shopping complex’s northeast section. It’s a great ‘go to’ if you fancy a break from Kuta Beach – it’s only a hop across the road. There are three studios, two of which are designated as ‘deluxe’ with 206 and 144 seats, and a ‘premiere’ studio with only 50 seats and with more spacious and comfortable seats but at higher ticket prices (weekdays at IDR 75,000 (USD 6); Fridays at IDR 100,000 (USD 7.50), and IDR 150,000 (USD 11) on weekends and public holidays).

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Cinema XXI at Level 21 Mall

Also referred to as ‘Level 21 XXI’, this cinema on the fourth level of the Level 21 Mall in Denpasar is the island’s biggest, featuring a total of five ‘deluxe’ studios and one ‘premiere’ studio. The cinema also features a more spacious lobby and extensive food counter. Deluxe tickets are IDR 50,000 (USD 4) on weekdays, IDR 60,000 (USD 5) on Fridays, and IDR 75,000 (USD 6) on weekends and public holidays. Premier tickets are nearly double, at IDR 100,000 on weekdays, IDR 150,000 on Fridays, and IDR 200,000 on weekends, but with greater comfort per seat.

  • Highlights: Level 21 Mall, Jalan Teuku Umar No.1, Dauh Puri Klod, Denpasar
  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 21:40
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 3003 121
  • Website:
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Cinemaxx Lippo Mall Kuta

The Cinemaxx network’s only movie theatre in Bali, Cinemaxx Lippo Mall features five compact but modern and luxurious studios with Dolby surround systems. There are two categories: Regular and Gold. The latter features only 20 seats with three rows of plush reclining seats, including fresh pillows and blankets, and concierge services to take your orders from a light bites menu, and later deliver them right to your seat. Gold tickets are IDR 100,000 on weekdays, IDR 150,000 on Fridays, and IDR 200,000 on weekends and public holidays.

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Denpasar Cineplex

Denpasar Cineplex is the resurrection of the city’s former Wisata Theatre, which was also Denpasar’s only modern cinema until the turn of the millennium. The theatre now features a total of six studios, one of which is designated as Exclusive (tickets at IDR 50,000 or USD 4 any day). Tickets for its other four Deluxe studios are at IDR 30,000 (USD 2) on weekdays and IDR 40,000 (USD 3) on weekends and public holidays. It’s a great, cheap alternative to Bali’s other cinemas, with pretty much the same latest movie releases.

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Divine Earth Cinema Club

The Divine Earth café in Seminyak has a great upstairs cinema lounge, which screens great movies, from Hollywood blockbusters to thought-provoking independent documentaries. Films are shown seven days a week in full HD quality and with high-tech surround sound systems, while the lounge’s seating is cosy and relaxed. From the menu are mouth-watering healthy and vegan selections, which you can order during screenings. Dishes are between IDR 60,000 to 140,000 (USD 5-10). To enjoy the screenings, it’s basically free with food or drink purchases, and you can further save up with attractive discounts if you sign up as a cinema club member.

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Happy Cinema

For a more private kind of movie-watching experience, this mini theatre concept can be a great alternative. It’s basically an office building with two specially designed home theatre rooms, each fitted with 100-inch large screens, home theatre sound systems and comfy sofas for up to six. Rents are only IDR 80,000 (USD 6) per room, per movie. There are over 700 box office movies, ranging from western, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Bollywood and Indonesian releases to choose from its directory. The studios are located in the urban Renon area, an easy five minutes’ drive south from the Bajra Sandhi Monument in Denpasar.

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Paradiso Ubud at Earth Café & Market

This unique organic, vegan and vegetarian cinema in Ubud central lets you enjoy healthy and delectable cuisine with a unique movie-going experience. You can simply take a seat with a stainless steel bowl of non-GMO popcorn, while watching screenings ranging from documentaries to cartoons for the kids. Besides movies, the space is also a regular venue for various creative workshops, ranging from writing, dance and choir. Paradiso also hosts the Bali Vegan Festival annually. Tickets are IDR 50,000 (USD 4) which you can redeem for a selection of healthy light bites or drinks.

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Park 23 XXI at Park 23 Entertainment Centre

With a total of four studios, Park 23 XXI is a great alternative if you’re staying in the southern part of Kuta. The cinema is located on the third level of the Park 23 Mall, making it convenient to book your tickets early, then go shopping or grab a bite before getting back in time for your movie. With the modern entertainment complex practically adjacent the Circus Waterpark, you can also plan your day out with splashing fun, and the movies. Tickets are IDR 40,000 (USD 3) on weekdays, IDR 50,000 (USD 4) on Fridays, and IDR 60,000 (USD 5) on weekends and public holidays.

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