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Bodyboarding in Bali is the second most popular wave riding activity after surfing. Instead of standing on your board, you can experience the thrills with your body flat-facing down, riding over crests or through barrelling waves. If you haven’t brought your own board, boogie boards are readily available for rent at Bali’s popular coasts, so if you’ve got the riding experience, you can simply grab a good board, slap on some fins and hit the waves.

Unlike surfing, fins help you catch waves faster before they break, and even help steering you around to make fun and crazy manoeuvres. Plus, cruising flat on your belly offers a different kind of sensation, akin to swimming. Newcomers to the sport can readily opt for bodyboarding in Bali classes for beginners, which let you get the hang of your board, then catch a good wave to ride, all within only a matter of a few hours.

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What is Bodyboarding?

The modern body board, aka boogie board, is half the length of a regular surfboard, thicker and much more rectangular, allowing for better buoyancy of your whole upper body. The boards are usually shaped out of foam. Bodyboarding originated from the water cultures of Polynesia, whose people rode original wooden boards called ‘alaia’ on their bellies or knees. Unlike surfboards that are usually fitted with fins, body boards are steered by flippers worn on the feet of riders.

Where to Go Bodyboarding in Bali

Bali has much to offer in terms of wave riding. Trade winds are fairly predictable and tide charts apply to almost any other kind of surfing activity, bodyboarding included. Almost all of Bali’s best surf spots also treat you to exciting waves for bodyboarding as well. From the fine reeling barrels of the Bukit Peninsula’s reef breaks, to the kindlier sandy breaks of the southwestern coasts of Kuta, Legian and Canggu, it is no wonder that Bali’s considered a surfing paradise.

Where to Learn Bodyboarding in Bali

Almost all surf schools in Bali can teach bodyboarding. Beginners get to feel the real thrill of surfing through courses that are guided by experienced instructors, who walk you through the basics of water safety and awareness, and all you need to know about the craft and going about on the waves. Beginner classes take over two hours and you are assured of successfully catching and riding a wave.

Rip Curl School of Surf Jimbaran

As one of Bali’s most famous surf schools, Rip Curl School of Surf has several classes in popular beach resort areas, and its Jimbaran school is right on the beachfront of the InterContinental Bali Resort. Bodyboarding courses get you comfortable with your board and swim fins, a walk-through of water safety, proper positioning and manoeuvrability. Your instructor shows you the lowdown on how to catch (a good) wave, ride its open face, and skid to change directions. The course usually takes an hour. Then after, it’s all about practice.

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Bali Bodyboarding

This surf school with its base in Kerobokan has a team of professional instructors who deliver surfing lessons for adults and kids of varying skill levels. Classes by pro surfers Ryan Hardy and Michael ‘Eppo’ Eppelstun are also featured regularly through ‘camps’ scheduled throughout the year. Two-hour lessons typically include a pick up from your hotel, then off to the coast of Canggu. Safety briefs and warm-up sessions precede your lesson. Then you’ll learn the basics, and progress up to all the aspects, from steering to crazy stances such as ‘dropknee’, or partly standing on your board.

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