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  • Bali Activities by Areas

    Activities by Areas

    Bali has diverse facets to experience; engaging water sports abound and insightful cultural activities offer multi-sensory experiences through courses, art classes, and culinary lessons. Read More...

  • Bali Adventure Guide

    Bali Adventure Guide

    Rafting, kayaking and cycling are just a few of the activities on offer around Bali's beautiful interior. Mountain trekking and climbing are among the more exotic pastimes here. Read More...

  • Scuba Diving

    Bali's stunning reefs offer spectacular visibility. Dive shops offer PADI-certified courses. Beginners not need to worry, as all can opt for an Open Water Diver class and simply, 'dive in'. Read More...

  • Surfing in Bali

    Bali's waves satisfy serious surfers and smaller ones are ideal for budding surfers. Boards can be rented by the hour from busier beaches and various surf classes are never far away. Read More...

  • Underwater Activities

    Bali's underwater scenes are as beautiful as its overland highlights, and continue to attract divers and non-divers, with various options for the latter. Almost anyone can participate in these tours. Read More...

  • Bali Waterparks

    What better way to enjoy a splashing holiday than spend a fun time at Bali's great waterparks? Bali is home to three major waterparks, namely the Waterbom Bali in central Kuta. Read More...

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